Volcanic Quotes

volcanic quotes

When we are angry, it can be helpful to remember that anger has its place at work. But, it should never be completely absent. If we don’t feel angry, we are just as bad as volcanic bosses. They can set a bad example and are difficult to work for. Here are a few volcanic quotes to keep in mind.

Anger is not wholly absent nor ever present

The use of volcanic quotes reveals that anger is neither wholly absent nor ever present in human emotions. The word anger can refer to a wide variety of emotional responses, including the desire for revenge, moral indignation, bodily arousal, and various types of facial grimacing. The use of volcanic quotes demonstrates that anger is not always an ‘evil’ emotion.

Inspiration from outside one’s self

Inspiration from outside one’s self can come in many forms. For example, it may happen spontaneously, and it can happen in nature. It’s a transcendent experience, which can make us feel connected to powerful energy and have new ideas. Inspiration can also spur purposeful action, and it can change our perception of what we are capable of.

Lava is a volcano

A volcano produces lava, a viscous molten rock. Different types have different characteristics, including glassy, rope-like, and coarsely-grained forms. Some lava flows are so thick that they resemble flower petals or pointy spines. Regardless of their appearance, lava can be hazardous, as they are constantly expanding from the inside.

God’s pinball machine causes a TILT

If God is a pinball machine, then when God tries to cheat and win free games, he causes a TILT. This is the same reason why we feel a TILT when our Earth quakes.

Extinct volcanoes are not so safe a neighbour as many may suppose

Extinct volcanoes may be considered a safe neighbour to most of us, but this is not always the case. Many volcanoes are located close to or within the boundaries of nation states, often in conflict zones, or in areas where tensions are high.

The soil is most fertile after volcanic activity

After volcanic activity, soils are highly fertile. They have a dark A horizon, low pH, high moisture retention, and are generally high in organic acids. The parent material is mainly volcanic ash or lava rock, which has been weathered by the activity. The organic acids help make the nutrients available for plants. The high levels of phosphorus and aluminum can be beneficial, though not all plants require large amounts of these nutrients.