Vintage CorningWare

Vintage CorningWare can fetch as much as $10,000 on eBay, and many of its listings showed that they had sold for thousands of dollars. However, experts say these prices are often inaccurate. For one thing, they are auction sales; the advertised price is not always indicative of what the item actually sold for; it’s more likely that the item was sold at the highest bidder.

The most popular CorningWare pattern is Blue Cornflower. It was first produced in 1958 and features three blue cornflowers with leafy stalks. Early pieces of the pattern have a sloped rim; later ones have straight sides. Although it was discontinued for over 30 years, Blue Cornflower has recently made a comeback. It sells for $100-$150 on average. The pattern has become one of the most popular and collectible CorningWare designs.

Early Blue Cornflower wares are particularly rare and valuable. Early Blue Cornflower wares with sloped sides are worth thousands of dollars. However, vintage CorningWare can sell for up to $1,500. The rarest patterns, such as the Spice of Life and Blue Cornflower, have steeper prices and can sell for four figures.