Video Analytics – What is Subtle Behavior?

What is subtle behavior?

Subtle behavior is any behavior that does not have a clear-cut, obvious explanation. Often, it involves the use of indirect methods to achieve an end goal.
Fortunately, many of these behaviors can be detected by video analytics. For example, a job seeker’s nervousness or stress level may cause them to drop hints about their character through subtle behavioral cues that can be seen by a video camera.

What is a good way to recognize these behaviors?

One of the most common examples of a good subtle behavior is being attentive to what others are saying. Keeping people aware of their own state is an important skill and can be helpful when working with a team or interviewing someone for a job. If you notice that a person is talking excessively, then it’s probably time to rethink their approach. This type of behavior is also associated with a social norm that it’s rude to not listen.

In addition, if they seem to be in denial about certain traits, it can also be a red flag. For instance, a person who has a lack of kindness may be unwilling to acknowledge when they’re wrong and will instead offer half-hearted insincere explanations or apologies.