Undertale Characters – How Does Chara Die?

What is Chara’s purpose in the game?

One of the first things you will encounter in Undertale is the Fallen Human, also known as Chara. They are a human who fell into the Underground. They have a twisted mind and a strange, psychopathic personality. They are very hateful towards humanity and hate everyone who isn’t like them. They can’t love or be loved and have no empathy for others.

They have a unique ability to make themselves grow in strength and power when they get more EXP or LVs. This allows them to be much stronger than the player in most routes of the game. They can physically and mentally posses Frisk, the player’s SOUL.

Why does chara die?

Chara was the first human to ever fall into the Underground. They were adopted by Asgore and Toriel, and became Asriel’s best friend.

Their plan to destroy the Barrier was to kill themselves, merge their soul with Asriel’s, and then use Asriel’s body to travel to the Surface and gather six human SOULs in order to break the Barrier. However, their plan was not successful because Asriel resisted them.

Why did Asriel resist chara’s plan?

Asriel saw the danger of their plan and resisted them. He fought back against them, but he was eventually defeated. Afterward, Asriel absorbed Chara’s soul and merged it with his own, making them one person.

What happens to Chara’s soul when Asriel dies?

Asriel absorbed Chara’s soul, and it was passed on to Flowery. This was done so that the two were able to cross the barrier together. Asriel and Flowery were able to harvest the SOULs of other humans that died in their path, and he was able to become even more powerful than he was before.

How does chara die?

If you go through the Genocide route in Undertale, you’ll meet Chara. She asks you if you want to “Erase the world.” This is a very important choice, and it can mean the difference between survival or death.

When you choose to erase the world, the game will tell you that you’re killing everyone. This is a very sad thing to hear. It’s very cruel, and it’s not a very human thing to do.

You can see the result of this at the end of the game, as Chara is unable to live anymore. It’s a very dark part of the game, and it’s something that you should never do.

Why is the human SOUL and Determination what brought them back to life?

If you beat the Genocide route a second time, you’ll find out that your determination is what brought Chara back to life. This means that your determination was what made them want to become more powerful, and when they resurrected, it was because they wanted you to do the same.

It’s also why they are able to become so powerful when they don’t have a soul. This makes it easier for them to kill people and harvest their SOULs.