Tuk Tuk Chai Net Worth

Rupesh Thomas is one of the founders of the tea company Tuk-Tuk Chai. He came to the UK from southern India with just PS600 in his pocket. He has since gone on to manage a business which sells 2 million cups of chaI in the UK alone. He and his wife Alexandra Thomas are now stocked in Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and other leading supermarkets. In summer 2017, Business Advice caught up with Rupesh and his wife Alexandra Thomas and discovered that they had invested PS100,000 in their business. They went on to reveal to Sainsbury’s that their tea costs PS1m a cup!

Rupesh Thomas travelled from Kerala in southern India to the UK in 1999 with just PS600 in his pocket, but in a few years he has turned this into a PS2 million net worth. His company also supplies Harvey Nichols, which has helped him earn even more money. Nevertheless, Thomas has not relied solely on luck to make this happen. He poured his hard work into his business, and he is now supplying many famous businesses including Harvey Nichols and Harvey Nicks.