Travis Taylor – Astrophysicist Net Worth

Among the most famous scientists in the world is Travis Taylor. The Alabama-born scientist is a private pilot, astrophysicist, and author. He has also written numerous science fiction novels and textbooks. He has a doctorate in optical science and engineering, as well as masters in physics and aerospace systems engineering. He is married to Karen, and they have a daughter named Kalista Jade.

While in high school, Travis won a state science fair and earned a job offer from the Army. He went on to work for NASA for over sixteen years. He currently works on space-based beamed energy systems and advanced propulsion concepts. He is a black belt martial artist, and he has competed in triathlons.

He has also worked on various hi-tech programs for the United States DoD for the past twenty years. He is also a member of the UAP Task Force, which was created by Congress to investigate military encounters with advanced unknown objects. He has appeared on several television shows, including The History Channel’s “The Universe” and the History Channel’s “Life After People” and the History Channel’s “The UnXplained,” and he was interviewed by the Discovery Channel’s “The Tesla Files.” He appeared in the Alien Protocols episode of Season 13 of the History Channel’s “Alien Protocols.”

He has appeared on National Geographic Channel’s “3 Scientists Walk Into a Bar,” and he has appeared in The History Channel’s “When Aliens Attack,” and the History Channel’s “Life AfterPeople.” He has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the History Channel’s “In Search of Monsters.” He has also made appearances on the History Channel’s “The Curse of Oak Island” and the History Channel’s “Life after People.”

He has appeared in the History Channel documentary, The Universe, and he has appeared on the History Channel’s series, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. He is the star of the reality television show, Rocket City Rednecks, and he starred in the film, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. His book, Warp Speed, was published in 1999, but it didn’t make it to shelves until 2004. He has appeared on the History Channel’s “The Universe” in 2010 and the History Channel’s “Life AfterPeople” in 2011.

He is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for several hard rock bands, including Travis Taylor, the Taylor Brothers, the Taylors, and the Taylors. He has a wife and three pets, including a cat and two dogs. He has a Twitter account, and he has a Facebook profile. He has been known to write about the unexplained mysteries of the world, and he has written over twenty papers. He has published two textbooks. He is also a scuba diver. He has a website, and his books are available for sale on for $6.99 each. He has a net worth of about $82 million. He is expected to earn at least $2 million by 2021.

He has been married to Karen since 2007. He is the older brother of Gregory Taylor, who is a Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Reserves.