Top Tips For Mac Window Management

If you need to move a window to the center of the screen, you need to use an app like Deskovery. It adds a popup box to the bottom of the plus button, and provides a grid of useful buttons for resizing windows. You can easily resize windows with the upper left or top middle buttons, which will place them in the top half of your screen, respectively. You can also use the center icon to maximize a window to the entire screen.

Another great app for Mac window management is BetterSnapTool. This tool gives you the ability to snap windows to various locations and disable ones you don’t want to see. It also allows you to easily mask off distractions to avoid them from influencing your work. While using Magnet, you can also use keyboard shortcuts and the apps menu to move windows and resize them. Once you’ve set up your custom windows, you can chain them together to perform advanced window management operations.

Another useful feature for Mac users is Split View, which enables two windows to run side-by-side in full-screen mode. When you select two windows side by side, you can switch them by a four-finger gesture. Split View is best for those who use two apps in parallel and want to set and forget. For example, you can pair Mail with Safari. These programs can work together perfectly. You can even assign a shortcut to move a window to the desktop so that you don’t have to worry about moving it every time you want to switch between them.

Another trick for Mac window management is to click the Maximise button. Doing so will maximize a window and minimize the rest of the desktop. Double-click the window’s title bar to maximize it. Then, you can minimize it by pressing Command-W. By holding down both of these keys, you can maximize or minimize multiple windows simultaneously. You can also use the command-h or the Option key while double-clicking the title bar.

Another useful tip for Mac users is to use third-party window managers to change the default. There are plenty of apps that can perform tasks that the default window manager can’t. One of these applications is Amethyst, which organizes windows by row and column. It also offers hotkeys to move windowed apps. The app is useful when your windows overlap and make it difficult to work in a consistent group. In these cases, Amethyst can be an excellent alternative.

Sidecar is another option for iPad users. Sidecar automatically resizes windows on the iPad when you switch apps, but not when you return to the computer. There are two primary window management modes on the Mac: Full Screen and Split View Half Screen. Full Screen takes up every pixel of the screen, while Split View lets one window take up exactly half of the screen. In addition to these, Split View Half Screen has a number of other features, including support for multiple tabs.