Top 5 Brandy Brands

Brandy is a luxury spirit with many distinct flavors. It often pairs well with fruit juice for extra sweetness or citrus notes.

Martell stands out amongst other top brandy labels as an exquisite and flavorful spirit, boasting an XO blend that features eaux-de-vie from both Grande Champagne and Borderies regions for an exceptional taste experience.

1. Martell

Brandy is an aromatic spirit, perfect for sipping neat or mixed in cocktails. It pairs particularly well with citrus- or berry-infused juices for delicious concoctions; plus it can be used for deglazing liquids or adding an edge with flame flambe. While you’ll likely come across various brands of cognac available today, certain ones stand out for their quality and should be prioritized over others.

Martell, owned by Pernod Ricard, is one of the leading names in cognac and brandy production. Their XO Cognac ranks as one of the smoothest spirits around with aromas and tastes such as black peppercorns, fig, almond and sandalwood; whereas their lighter VS Cognac features fruity floral fragrances perfect for mixing drinks.

Hennessy, also owned by LVMH, is one of the best-selling brandies worldwide. Their Hennessy VS Cognac boasts an orange and rose flavor, perfect for mixing drinks or sipping alone – not to mention being beloved among brandy enthusiasts for its smooth finish.

Hennessy VS is one of the world’s smoothest brandies, boasting an aroma and taste profile ideal for mixing cocktails or sipping. If you prefer lighter fruitier spirits, Hennessy Black features honey blossom and stewed prune notes while for something truly different try Germain Robin from Ukiah, California; its alembic cognac stills are used to distill wine grapes not normally associated with cognac making. With floral and spicy aromas it pairs beautifully in cocktails like cognac sours!

2. Remy Martin

Remy Martin cognac stands as one of the “Big Four”, alongside Hennessy, Courvoisier, and Martell; these four brands command an overwhelming share of the global brandy market. Remy Martin’s VSOP was first ever given the Cognac Fine Champagne label; it features premium blends sourced from Grande and Petite Champagne crus.

Remy Martin was founded by a winemaker, and their cognacs are produced using traditional distillation methods and handcrafted barrels. As opposed to many other Cognac producers, Remy Martin only works with four premier crus in their region and relies on knowledge passed down from generations of Cellar Masters for quality control in each bottle they produce.

While they are most renowned for their premium brandies, this company also produces whiskey, rum and liqueurs – including brandy that has been aged in oak for at least two years and can be enjoyed either alone or as part of cocktails.

Try their singani for something truly unforgettable: this Bolivian spirit is made by distilling aromatic muscat of Alexandria grapes with natural fermentation for a rich aroma and floral notes, then double-distilled in stainless steel pots before being bottle and smoothened out further for an exquisitely smooth experience.

Their brandy is deliciously smooth and perfect for sipping neat, while it can also make the perfect ingredient in classic cocktails such as sidecars. Best enjoyed at room temperature to experience its many aromas and flavors, it pairs wonderfully with citrus fruits like lemon, orange and cranberry juice to enhance citrusy notes while simultaneously adding sweetness; and can even replace gin in classic gin and tonic cocktails.

3. Paul Masson Grande Amber

Brandy is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed both as an aperitif and cocktail mixer, and at any time of year – though especially great during colder temperatures when you want something rich and mature to warm you up! There are numerous brandies on the market; when buying one consider age and distillation information. Look for the words VS or very special old pale as this indicates at least three years aging; otherwise opt for one marked with VSP which indicates four years.

Paul Masson Grande Amber brandy can be purchased for under $50 a bottle. Distilled using copper pot distillation and aged for 17 years in Limousin oak barrels, Paul Masson Grande Amber produces an award-winning brandy that’s easy to drink neat or mixed into cocktails using various ingredients.

Germain Robin brandy hails from California and uses cognac-making techniques without using traditional grape varieties for distilling, creating a distinct yet flavorful brandy ideal as a digestif or cocktail ingredient. Their XO version contains pinot noir for an especially complex yet delicate flavor profile.

Brandy may be one of the world’s underrated spirits, yet with growing interest from younger consumers it’s making a comeback. From light American brandy to easy drinking French cognac – these top five brands provide an ideal place to begin your search.

4. Old Admiral

Few spirits are as special as brandy. From intimate dinners to major milestones, brandy adds elegance and luxury to every special event. But with so many bottles available it can be difficult to select the ideal bottle for yourself; that’s why we have compiled this list of brands so you can easily find your ideal brandy bottle for every celebration.

Brandy is produced by fermenting various fruits such as grapes or apples before distilling the mixture to produce a spirit with a smooth and rich flavor, ideal for sipping alone or mixing into cocktails. When selecting brandy it’s important to take note of its age, region, type of fruit used for distillation as this will influence its final taste and aroma.

Martell Cognac experienced an exceptional year in 2021, recovering from its double-digit sales slump last year caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Owned by Pernod Ricard, Martell moved up one position to third overall – potentially surpassing four million cases over time.

Courvoisier cognac owned by Beam Suntory made the top five list for 2021 sales growth and investment plans to boost future expansion.

Hennessy brandy has seen unprecedented popularity over the past decade. Both its XO and Pale varieties are produced using eaux-de-vie from Cognac’s Grande Champagne district – considered one of the highest quality regions – without adding caramel or other forms of sugars resulting in lighter overall brandies than competing XO varieties.

5. Torres

Brandy, with its rich history and smooth taste, has quickly become one of the world’s favorite spirits. To find your ideal bottle, look at its distillation date and origin; this should be indicated on its label as letters like “VS”, VSOP” or even XO” may indicate how long ago it was produced.

Courvoisier is a well-recognized Cognac producer owned by spirits giant Beam Suntory. Utilizing traditional distillation techniques, Courvoisier crafts mellow yet luxurious brandies. For this endeavor, grapes from four of Cognac’s premier crus are used, guaranteeing it meets high quality standards and meeting customer demands.

Germain Robin’s Freedom Brandy stands out as something special from its competitors by producing brandy in an unconventional style that departs from Cognac traditions but uses similar techniques. Made with non-traditional California wine grapes such as Pinot Noir, Viognier, Palomino and Gamay – giving it its distinctive flavor suited for mixed drinks!

Hennessy brandy reigns as the most expensive in America and is beloved by connoisseurs alike for its exquisite smoothness and supremacy on the American market. Distilled exclusively from wine produced within a single region, Hennessy is truly a treat for connoisseurs!

Mix brandy with lemon, orange or cranberry juice for an intriguing new taste experience. Their tart notes pair nicely with brandy’s sweet and rich flavors for an unexpected combination. You could also add soda for an enjoyable, chilled drink! Indie singer-songwriter Torres’ 29th album Thirstier features her taking her signature approach of mixing indie folk with fuzzy alt rock; yet its lyrics cover topics such as adoption and mental health awareness.