Tony Romo Wet Pants During the Super Bowl

This past week, CBS Sports’ Tony Romo wet his pants live on air. The situation became a topic of conversation on social media. The former QB was calling the Super Bowl when he developed a wet spot during the live broadcast. A hilarious response to the incident followed from a number of Twitter users. In general, most men were sympathetic to Romo’s situation and asked others to cut him some slack.

The news broke when CBS Sports posted a photo of Tony Romo showing a small circle on his pants. The wet spot was small, but it smears the color of his pants. The dark spot appeared on the bottom of his pants near the zipper, and it caused the entire world to wonder why the star had to use the bathroom before broadcasting the game. But what caused the wet spot?

Romo isn’t the only one in the public eye who has had a wet spot: former quarterback Dan Marino has been the target of a wet pants rumor since his Super Bowl loss. His unnerving pee spot was the subject of a popular meme on Twitter. Some uninspired social media users even tacked on the word “gate” to their inane posts.