Tim Smith’s Net Worth Rises With His Appearance on the Discovery Channel’s Hit Show Moonshiners

Having been in the moonshining business for many years, Tim Smith has accumulated a respectable amount of wealth. His father taught him how to make moonshine when he was a child, and he has gone on to launch his own moonshine brand in both Georgia and South Carolina. In 2017, he signed on as a partner with Chuck Miller. He has a successful legal moonshine business and a decent amount of followers on Twitter.

One of the things that have helped his net worth rise is his involvement in the Discovery Channel’s hit show, Moonshiners. Although he has only appeared on the show a handful of times, he has already made a hefty salary from it. He earned more than $30K per episode and he’s likely to continue reaping rewards from it for years to come.

As with most other reality television stars, the Moonshiners cast makes a large sum of money from their show. Some of the cast members have other businesses as well. The cast also takes part in meet and greets to meet fans. The Moonshiners show has a huge following and the cast consistently produces millions of viewers for every episode. Its most famous actor, Jim Tom Hendrick, has been appearing on the show for a while.

Aside from being a cast member on the popular reality show, Smith’s efforts to improve his business have contributed significantly to his net worth. He has a legitimate moonshine company and his signature Climax Whiskey is available in both Georgia and South Carolina. He has a bar and restaurant where you can enjoy a drink and a bite to eat. He has a hefty Twitter following as well with more than 10.5 thousand followers.

Another tidbit to note is that he is married to Shelby. They have a son named JT. He and his wife have been married since 1986. They live in Virginia and have been together for almost three decades.

The Moonshiners have been around for six seasons and have received more than a million viewers for each episode. In addition to his role on the show, Smith has started his own moonshine brand in both Virginia and Georgia. He hopes to pass on his skills to his son. He is a licensed liquor maker and has a bar and restaurant to go along with his moonshine.

Despite his relatively modest net worth, he is the star of the show. His most recent appearance is in an episode titled, “The Big Reveal”. He is also a fire chief at the Climax Volunteer Fire Department. He has a social media following of more than 85 thousand on Facebook. He has a bar and restaurant in his hometown of Climax, VA and is considered to be one of the coolest guys on the show. He has been arrested for driving with a suspended license and allegedly used a sawed off shotgun in 2015.

The Moonshiners have been shown to be a lot more than a reality show, though. It has been an inspiration to a whole generation of moonshiners and has helped their wealth and reputations.