The Shah Rukh Khan House

There are many things you can see in a Shah Rukh Khan house. Besides the opulent living space and luxurious furnishings, the home has a gym and boxing ring. It also has a tennis court, auditorium and a private bar. The house was once just a shell, but now it is a tourist attraction. In addition to all the amenities, SRK has many paintings and framed photographs of his favorite actors.

The interiors of Shah Rukh Khan’s Delhi house are stylish and cosy. Several paintings and objects decorate the walls of the cosy home. The interior design of the bungalow was done by Gauri Khan and Tom Dixon, and the interiors are modern and stylish. There are also pieces of art on display throughout the house, which will surely entice fans. The Shah Rukh Khan house is definitely a must-see place in the city.

The soaring buildings of the Shahrukh Khan house are iconic landmarks in Mumbai. Aside from the posh residences, the renowned actor also owns several multi-crore properties. These include his primary residence in Bandra and various holiday homes. The house is also a popular tourist attraction, with several hundred people stopping by each day. Shah Rukh has also opened up about his personal life on many platforms, and his house in Bandra is no different. In fact, he even has his son AbRam waving at fans outside the house.

The house is a fusion of vintage and contemporary decor. In 2001, Khan bought the Mannat property from Nariman K Dubash, who was a trustee of the Bhai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust. The house’s nameplate is a mixture of vintage and contemporary styles, and is a perfect spot for a movie script. And he also has an impressive collection of Bobble-Head toys in his study.

A 6-storey mansion, the Shah Rukh Khan house in Mannat, Mumbai, is an opulent residence that is worth more than Rs 200 million. The house has lush lawns in front, and a large French window provides a breathtaking view of the sea. And if you’re wondering how it is possible to own such an opulent mansion, this home should be your first choice.

The exterior of the Shahrukh Khan house has modern elements, while the interiors feature traditional materials. The bathroom is a neo-classic affair, and the walls are covered in glass. The terrace, meanwhile, has a brown-paneled ceiling, similar to the rest of the house, and a white Bougainvillea flower and an amazing potted fern.

SRK’s sea-facing love abode, Mannat, is the prized possession of the Khan family. Whether it’s his inimitable acting skills or his alluring nature, the actor’s home is just as famous as his movies. And fans have even taken selfies in front of it. This is not surprising, given that the Khans’ home is a tourist destination in Mumbai, where he lives.