The Rise of Andrew Tate on Social Media

Tate has been a controversial figure online for years. He has gained notoriety with his comments about women. He has also been accused of running a pyramid scheme through his online program Hustler’s University 2.0. The comments he made during the height of the #MeToo scandal caused outrage.

Tate is a social media superstar with over 4 million followers. His content has been reposted widely on TikTok, and his videos have accumulated over 13 billion views. This is despite his detention. In June, Tate had one million Instagram followers. But after a June raid, his online image took a hit. While Tate’s most avid followers continue to follow him, their numbers are diminishing.

Mr Tate has been dubbed the ‘king of toxic masculinity’. Some campaign groups have denounced him, saying that he has made extreme statements about women. They have argued that he has abused his followers.

However, Mr Tate has denied any wrongdoing. He has repeatedly said that women should be quiet, and that depression is a “crazy” disease. Additionally, he has dismissed sexual assault survivors’ experiences. Moreover, he has said that heterosexual men are “weak” for living with partners.

Tate has also made misogynistic remarks on Twitter. These include calling women “property” and comparing them to pigs. He has also argued that medical professionals are partially to blame for sexual assault. He has even claimed that he is a success coach, though he does not seem to have any real expertise on the subject.

Despite his fame, Tate’s comments about women have been criticized. He has claimed that women should be quiet, that women are more beautiful at 18 than at 25, and that he does not understand why women are hesitant to have children. Other claims have included that he believes depression is a myth, that he supports Donald Trump, and that vaccine mandates should be repealed.

Tate’s influence on young male viewers has also been questioned. It has been noted that he has been active in far right circles for years, and has been criticized for his stance on rape.

However, it is the way that his comments have been framed that has made him popular. Social media companies have often failed to respond to abuse. When the Tate scandal broke in July, he was searched more than President Trump. Similarly, Twitter verified his account in error.

However, his recent detention in Romania hasn’t loosened his grip on his most avid followers. His followers continue to retweet and repost his posts. He hasn’t yet been permanently banned from social media, but his content has taken the internet by storm.

As of now, Tate isn’t posting on Instagram, but he has been spotted on Twitter, TikTok, Gettr, and Rumble. If these platforms are willing to censor him, then he should be banned.

Although it may be too late for Tate to have a positive impact on his online image, it isn’t too late for his followers to start voicing their concerns. By doing so, they could help put an end to the toxicity that plagues online.