The Real Bros of Simi Valley Quotes

real bros of simi valley quotes

The Real Bros Of Simi Valley is a reality television show that premiered more than a year ago. The show’s third season will be released this winter, according to Jimmy Tatro. The show is a must-watch for anyone who loves sports and macho men.


“The Real Bros of Simi Valley” quotes are a perfect example of the craziness that defines this show. Each of the bros has a unique way of expressing themselves, adding to the show’s zany nature. For example, Xander uses a word like “fer sherrrrrrr,” which means “for sherrrrrrrrrr” and Duncan uses “taught,” which means “tight.” Bryce’s lip curls inward in a manner that suggests curiosity, love or anger. Wade isn’t as farfetched; he simply says “steez,” which means cool.

“The Real Bros of Simi Valley” is a satirical series that satirizes the culture of millennials. The characters speak with exaggerated Southern California accents and use ridiculous slang. They also make fun of the millennial lifestyle by smoking marijuana and freeloading off of their rich parents. The show takes a look at the challenges of growing up after achieving their peak in high school and has an interesting cast of characters.


The Real Bros of Simi Valley is a parody of reality shows. Though it is not filmed in the real world, it aims to mimic the style of unscripted reality shows. It is a highly dramatic show that relies heavily on canned infighting between the cast members. It also satirizes Southern California stereotypes.

In this episode, Xander takes Molly to an amateur wrestling match on Valentine’s Day. He forgets that Molly loves amateur wrestling. He also gets an embarrassing tattoo, insists on pronouncing his name “Zonder,” and is constantly teased by a local teen about his smoking habits. In addition, he and Wade go to a kickback event for Xander. While there, they discover a lot about each other.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

The Real Bros of Simi Valley is a comedy series based on reality TV and the cult-like phenomenon of “bro culture.” It mimics Keeping Up With the Kardashians, with the same exaggerated elements, but on a lower budget. Starring Jimmy Tatro, the series was a hit on YouTube, achieving millions of views per episode. It was then picked up by Facebook Watch. It is currently in season three, with more expensive sets and longer episodes.

Each of the brothers has their own unique mannerisms and expressions, adding to the show’s giddiness. Xander says “fer sherrrrrrrrrr,” meaning “to get you.” Duncan says “taught,” meaning “tight.” Bryce curled his lips to convey anger, love, and curiosity. Wade, on the other hand, doesn’t use farfetched catch phrases. His catchphrase is simply “steez,” meaning cool.

Keeping Up with the Simpsons

The latest episode of the hit television show Keeping Up with the Simpsons features some interesting quotes from the real-life characters who appeared on the show. In the episode, a neighbor named Chris Darden discusses the late football player Jim Brown and his contribution to the black community. He also talks about O.J. Toobin’s reluctance to use his celebrity status to further social causes. Meanwhile, Sarah Paulson smokes for effect, and her smoking in her office would have been banned under the California Indoor Clean Air Act.

Cloud Cuckoolander

The Real Bros of Simi Valley is a satirical comedy based in Simi Valley, California. It pays homage to Southern California culture while mocking the stereotypes and tropes of reality shows. The show features canned infighting between the cast and emphasizes dramatic elements.