The Net Worth of Vlad and Nik

Currently, the net worth of the famous YouTubers Vlad and Niki is estimated to be around $200 million. It is also believed that they have a lot of fans around the world. Their video channels are considered to be the most watched channels in the world. They have also accumulated a large number of subscribers. In addition, they have various interests and hobbies.


Among the most successful young social media influencers in the American media industry, the siblings Vlad and Nikita have attracted a lot of fans. As of November 2021, they have about 81.7 million subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Their first video was uploaded on April 28, 2018. This video has received 76 million views and has become the second highest viewed video of all time. They earn $312 thousand per video. Their net worth is estimated to be $30 million by the end of 2022.

Their parents are Sergey and Victoria Vashketov. The two have 21 YouTube channels. They also run an authority website where they sell products.

The Vashketovs live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Their parents are former gymnasts. Their mother started her career as a gymnast in Russia. They were able to earn a spot in the World Dance Sport Federation.

Their net worth is increasing as they progress in their careers. The Vashketovs are estimated to earn $2.3 million to $37.3 million per year. They have several deals with Paw Patrol, Hot Wheels, Imaginext, and WWE. They have also set up a global licensing company.

Vlad and Nikita are Russian-American children. Their father, who speaks Russian, quit his sales job to focus on their YouTube channel. Their channel is also available in 11 languages. Their most popular video has received 734 million views. They post to their YouTube channel three times a week. They are also active on Facebook and Instagram.

Vlad and Nikita are very talented kids. They have earned millions of fans across the world. They have over 380 videos on their YouTube channel. They have earned billions of views.


Despite having a relatively small subscriber base and a meager marketing budget, Vlad and Nikita have managed to create an enviable oeuvre of videos. The duo have managed to pull off the impressive feat of creating a YouTube channel that can compete with bigwigs like the aforementioned juggernaut, as well as lesser mortals such as their respective parents. The channel is based out of Miami, Florida. The duo are not confined to the tropics; Vlad and Nikita have visited the UK, Italy, Canada, and even Dubai.

In their quest to be the first family of YouTubers to cross the equator, the duo have managed to produce a fair number of videos worthy of note. Some of the more impressive ones include the aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned, aforementioned, and aforementioned. As of March, the duo have recorded over 4 million videos, all of which are aficionados of the YouTube game. The duo have managed to make their presence felt on YouTube by announcing a number of noteworthy events and contests that have paved the way for a plethora of top-notch content.


Despite being young, the parents of Vlad and Nikita have already garnered a considerable net worth from their YouTube channel. Their video-streaming property, which they have built together, has earned them a substantial amount of money alongside billions of views.

The Vashketov family has been able to earn money from their YouTube channel because they have a licensing agreement with an Australian-based licensing agency. They have also benefited from the sale of their own line of products sold on both Amazon and Nickelodeon.

They also receive ad revenue from their channel, which they are able to earn by placing ads on their videos. This helps them to make a decent amount of money every year. Their net worth is estimated to be $30 million by the end of 2022.

The Vashketov family started their YouTube channel in April 2018. Their first video was uploaded on April 28, 2018. Nikita and his younger brother Christian are the stars of their videos. They have been creating videos that focus on themes of sharing and togetherness. They have also created a vlog channel, which shows them with their mother, pretending to play with toys.

Besides their YouTube channel, the Vashketov family also sells their own line of products through their company, which is named Vashketov Family LLC. They have also signed a representation deal with Haven Global in Australia. The family also owns a 9,092-square-foot mansion in Golden Beach.

They also have a website called Vlad & Niki where they sell merchandise for kids. The company has also acquired a license to manufacture mobile games and toys. They have also been featured on Instagram several times. They have also been able to attract many subscribers to their channel.

Hobbies and interests

Known as the most popular YouTube channel for boys, Vlad & Niki is an online preschool phenomenon. Featuring cute kid antics and imaginative personalities, the show has attracted hundreds of millions of followers worldwide. It is also adapted to HBO Max.

Vlad & Niki are siblings who are the sons of Sergey and Victoria Vashketov, a Russian-American couple. Before their viral fame, Sergey worked as a successful salesman. He conceptualized a video-streaming property that would enable him to apply his skills. He then left his job to focus on the channel.

The Vashketov brothers are bilingual and speak English and Russian. They are also competitive athletes. They love soccer and kickboxing. They also enjoy dancing and painting.

In addition to the YouTube channel, the siblings have a store that sells kids’ items. They also have a mobile app with the same name. They have more than 76 million subscribers on their YouTube channel and over 54 billion views on their Facebook page. They also have their own mobile game, which is published by Hippo Kids Games.

Vlad & Niki have a wide variety of videos on their channel. They include treasure hunts, silly adventures, and adventures with the siblings. The videos are translated into 18 languages. They also feature games, such as a puzzle game and a Supermarket game. The app also features easy puzzles. They occasionally use nursery rhymes in their videos.

The two siblings are a cute and loving brother duo. They also have a toddler brother, Christian. The siblings have a net worth of $30 million. They have a total of 21 YouTube channels.

Vlad & Niki have more than 181 million subscribers worldwide. They have also won several prestigious awards. They were named the ‘Best Web Series for Kids’ by the National Parenting Product Awards. They were also named ‘Bronze Winner in General Children’s Online’ by the Telly Awards.

Most-watched YouTube channel in the world

Among the most-watched YouTube channels is a Russian-American family of YouTube stars. This group of children influencers, known as Vlad and Nikita, have accumulated more than 54 billion views across their channel. They have more than 76 million subscribers and 181 million global fans.

The parents of Vlad and Nikita, Sergey and Victoria, are multi-million view YouTube producers. They have more than 73 million subscribers on YouTube and run 15 different channels. They also have their own mobile app, which is titled Vlad and Niki.

Their parents are Russian-Americans, who are married. Victoria began her career as a competitive gymnast in Russia, and Sergey has worked in sales before becoming an internet sensation. They started their YouTube channel in 2018.

The channel has a variety of videos, including toy plays, games, and funny tales for children. They have partnered with brands such as Imaginext, Paw Patrol, Hot Wheels, and WWE. Their most popular video, Magic Little Driver ride on Toy Cars and Transform automobile for kids, has been viewed by over 658 million people.

Their latest project is the Vlad and Niki Monster Trucks. They have also signed a representation agreement with Haven Global. Haven Global is an Australian-based licensing agency. They have licensed exclusive mobile games for the iOS App Store. Their videos are posted in different languages, and edited in a top-notch way.

Their videos revolve around the lives of two siblings and their parents. Sometimes their mother joins them in the videos, or they pretend to play with toys. Occasionally, they incorporate nursery rhymes into their videos. The Vashketov brothers have made videos in other major languages.

Victoria is known for her outgoing nature and her vibrant personality. She presents herself as fun-loving, and loves to travel.