The Net Worth of Rihanna

net worth of rihanna

The Net Worth of Rihanna

Robyn Rihanna FYENTY NH is a Barbadian singer, actress, businesswoman and fashion designer who is worth a net worth of $130 million. She was born in Saint Michael, Barbados. Evan Rogers, a producer, invited Rihanna to the United States to record demo tapes, which led to her signing with Roc Nation. The singer’s success in the music industry was unprecedented for its time, and her net-worth has steadily increased.

The singer has turned her fame into a successful business venture, with her latest partnership with Samsung, which paid her $25 million to promote their Galaxy line. She has also collaborated with brands like MAC Cosmetics, Secret Body Spray, and Gucci. She has also worked with MAC Cosmetics, Armani, Dior, and Cover Girl. In 2014, she became the creative director of Puma, overseeing the brand’s women’s line. She has sold out collaborations with many companies, and earns $40 million per show. She also owns Tidal, a music streaming service.

While her music career has contributed the majority of her wealth, she has been successful in building her empire. Her lingerie line, Savage X Fenty, and cosmetics line are all worth a combined $1 billion, according to Forbes. In addition to these businesses, Rihanna has owned several properties, including a home in Barbados, a yacht, and several properties. All of her properties are very expensive, but the net worth of Rihanna is still impressive.

Net Worth of Rihanna

In addition to her music career, Rihanna has made a successful transition into business ventures. She signed a $ 25 million contract with Samsung to promote the Galaxy line of electronics. She also worked with MAC Cosmetics, Dior, and Budweiser. In February 2016, she became creative director of Puma, overseeing the women’s line. Her music has been a hit in both the music industry and the fashion industry, with several collaborations that have sold out. She has also become a co-owner of Tidal, a streaming service.

In September 2017, Rihanna launched her makeup line, Fenty Beauty. The brand was co-owned by LVMH’s Kendo Brands and has earned Rihanna a whopping $1.5 billion in sales. Her bestselling album, Anti, has been certified platinum. Her multi-million dollar success has also allowed her to expand her music label, and she now owns Tidal.

In 2014, Rihanna signed a record deal with Jay Z’s Roc Nation. Her first album, “Anti,” was released for a $5.545 million price. In 2015, she bought a house in Hollywood Hills. Her home has since been broken into, but the singer is still renting it. In addition to her music and clothing lines, Rihanna has a number of other businesses.

Rihanna’s success in music has helped her to earn a net worth of $1.7 billion, according to Forbes. Her music career has also earned her a place in the top-ten richest women’s lists. She is currently number 20 on the Forbes list of the world’s most influential women. But her networth is not only derived from her music career. In addition, she has launched cosmetics and clothing lines.

In addition to selling her music, the singer owns a home in Hollywood Hills. The property is her main residence. In January 2017, she paid $5.545 million for a Century City condominium. The same year, she purchased a house in Beverly Hills for $35,000 a month. Its price has since increased to $13.8 million. As of March 2021, Rihanna will rent her Hollywood Hills home for $30,000.

The Barbadian singer has a large net worth. She has made over two billion dollars worldwide through her record label, Fenty Beauty. The company has generated more than $570 million in sales in 2018 and has a total value of $1.5-$2 billion. The rest of her fortune comes from concert and recording endorsements. She has also received a huge amount of support from the American public. Her net worth has increased to unprecedented levels.

Besides music, Rihanna has also invested in fashion. In 2014, she became the creative director of Puma. She is responsible for the women’s line. Despite its success, the brand has not been a profitable venture, though. However, it has generated more than $500 million in revenue. Furthermore, her clothing and cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty, has earned her more than $7 million.