The Net Worth of Jamie Afifi

The net worth of Jamie Afifi is unknown to most. Currently, the young lawyer is studying at the University of Toronto. He is five feet eleven inches tall and weighs 75 kilograms. Afifi is a lawyer by profession, and represents writers, directors, and actors in the entertainment industry. He also practices law in the Ziffren Brittenham series, which supports the Kawasaki Disease Foundation.

The average revenue of Ziffren Brittenham is $17.3 million. It is unclear how much of Afifi’s income he gets from his partnership with the law firm. The firm is a reputable name in the entertainment industry, and Afifi’s clients include many famous studios and Hollywood stars. However, his personal life is largely private.

Apart from his law practice, Jamie Afifi has various other interests. He likes traveling and singing. He has several social media accounts run by fans. His net worth is high, and he lives comfortably. Jamie Afifi’s house is luxurious and comfortable.

Jamie Afifi’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. He earns between $89,000 and $106,000 per year as a lawyer. His salary is enough to keep him afloat in a high-flying career. He has two children with his wife Sarah Chalke. They live in a luxury five-bedroom house with six bathrooms. The couple recently celebrated their anniversary in Hawaii.

Afifi’s life has been filled with love and happiness. He proposed to his long-term girlfriend, Sarah Chalke, on a romantic trip. They have been together since 2003. They have two children together, Frances Afifi and Charlie Rhodes. In December 2009, their son Charlie Rhodes was born. The couple also welcomed another child in April 2016, Frances Afifi.

Afifi’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Currently, he is working as an entertainment lawyer. His career entails handling intellectual property transactions, distribution agreements, and music licenses. In addition to this, he is also actively involved in charity work, offering free legal services to those in need.

Afifi is a Canadian entertainment lawyer. He is a partner at Ziffren Brittenham LLP. His wife, Sarah Chalke, is an actress. The two have been together since 2003. Jamie Afifi is a lawyer who represents numerous Hollywood stars. He was born in 1973. It is unknown what his zodiac sign is, but he is a member of the white ethnicity.