The Most Valuable and Rare G.I Joe Figures

Collectors of action figures have been accumulating rare G.I. Joe figures for years, and some of the most valuable ones can be worth thousands of dollars. While this may seem like a lot of money, these figures are still worth it if you’re a true collector.

While many collectors are attracted to the iconic figures, some also seek out lesser-known figures for their monetary value. For instance, Major Bludd, a mail-order figure from the 1980s, can fetch over $1000. Another rare figure is Scarlett, a 1982 action figure first released with straight arms. Later, in Series Two, she was released with swivel arms. This figure now fetches more than $1300 unopened.

Destro, meanwhile, can fetch upwards of $600. Listed on eBay’s sold section, this figure is extremely rare. The original packaging for this figure features two different file cards, one with the G.I. Joe logo, and the other with the Cobra logo. Franklin Tailtree, known as Joe codename Airborne, was released in the second series of action figures. It came with a rifle and parachute, but was discontinued after a year.

The Blizzard Arctic Attack Soldier is another rare figure. Released in 1988, this action figure specialized in cold-weather missions. It came with a lot of accessories, including a white helmet and black skies. It also carried a white pistol. These figures are incredibly rare, so it’s important to collect them.

The airborne vehicle, for instance, has sold for over $700 in its complete packaging. It was released as part of the Original Adventure Team package, which included nine figures and a carrying case. The vehicle itself is massive and unique. It retailed for $100 when it first debuted in 1987, but today it sells for over $1800.

Other rare G.I. Joe figures include Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, and Duke. Snake Eyes is a very popular character among collectors. Although he doesn’t have the same head shape as other characters, he could still use a lot of accessories, which makes his figurine so sought after. Rare variations of each character can fetch thousands of dollars!

The Cobra Commander is another rare figure. It is very hard to find one that was never released. This figure comes with a lot of accessories, including a file card and a biography, but it’s worth a few hundred dollars outside the box. If you’re lucky, you might get a complete set with all the accessories, which is a rare find for collectors. The Cobra Commander action figure is the Holy Grail for Joe fans, and comes in various variants, including with and without the swivel Battle Arm Grip.

Cobra was the first enemy to strike on US soil, and Joe soon expanded internationally. Despite its initial success, however, it was an underprepared force. Joe’s Steel Brigade, which consisted of fifty soldiers, was too small to stand a chance against the Cobra army. The leaders of the unit were three officers in golden uniforms. Despite the fact that these men didn’t have the right skills to deal with Joe, they died in battle, helping Joe to become a successful super hero.