The Dirty Goth Boi Net Worth

Despite having a rather chequered past, Mase has managed to find success in the gambling industry. He has made his mark as the high-stakes poker player of choice for a number of seasoned professionals. His most recent foray was an engagement with Cornelia to play in a $10,000 buy-in world championship event. While he was at it, Mase threw in a few more bets to boot.

Aside from his many gambling related misadventures, Mase has also carved out a small niche as a savvy businessman. This includes being a notable participant in Hustler Casino’s live streaming casino. Similarly, he has branched out into the real estate market as well. Having spent his adult life in and out of jail, he is no stranger to hard times. He has learned to keep his chin up, however, and has carved out a fairly large chunk of his wealth for himself and his family. He has also been dubbed the yin yang of gambling, as well. One might wonder how he has managed to survive in such a ruthless environment.