The Craft Gin Club Net Worth

The Craft Gin Club net worth is estimated at PS75,000, a figure that will likely increase over time. Craft Gin Club is owned by Jon Hulme and John Burke, who first came up with the idea when they saw an overabundance of craft gins on the market. They wanted to make the selection process as easy as possible for their subscribers, and began curating a list of the best gins available on the market and sending them to their emails each month. Jon and John saw the potential of gin as a mixer, and they both enjoyed testing the various drinks that could be made from it.

This growth was accompanied by a strong growth in social media and the Craft Gin Club blog. During its lockdown period, Craft Gin Club members were able to learn how to make different types of cocktail drinks from a master mixologist, and watch interviews with the world’s best craft gin distillers. The Craft Gin Club net worth is expected to grow further as the company continues to expand its marketing strategy.

In addition to the Gin Box Bond, the Craft Gin Club is raising PS2million in a mini-bond offering cash interest and gin boxes to its members. For a minimum investment of PS500, Gin Box Bond investors will receive a seventy-millilitre bottle of gin, cocktail garnishes, snacks and a Craft Gin Club magazine. The company has raised PS2million in this way and expects to reach the target goal of PS2million.

The Craft Gin Club has grown to become the UK’s biggest gin subscription service. With more than 140,000 subscribers, it is worth more than PS35 million. And the company is a success – Jon Hulme and John Burke have a wealth of money. They have built a successful business that sells craft gin to more than 140,000 subscribers in the UK. They also have a magazine called the Bubble Club.