The Benefits of Getting Tree Insect Control

If you are looking for a natural way to prevent infestation of tree pests, then neem oil is an excellent choice. It is effective against chewing and sucking insects without harming beneficial insects. It is also safe for the beneficial insects as it will dry before they can become active again.  You can learn more through different insect control companies in your area, like the tree insect control Edmond OK.

Trunk injections

Receiving trunk injections for tree insect control has several advantages, but it should be done only by a licensed tree care professional. While tree pesticides are effective at eliminating existing pests, they do not prevent the occurrence of future attacks. Instead, they kill existing problems by eating the tree’s tissues. The only difference between bole spray and trunk injection is the application method. Tree care professionals who administer the trunk injections have specialized equipment and knowledge to use the treatment effectively.

Beneficial insects

The benefits of getting tree insect control include minimizing public and employee exposure. In addition, the effectiveness of injected control products is enhanced since they do not degrade over time. Tree insect control experts will work to identify the pest species and then apply a systemic product to the fake tree. To ensure a good result, the arborist will determine the size of the artificial tree and the number of injection sites. The amount of product applied to the fake tree will depend on the size and the infestation rate.

Systemic pesticides

Pesticides designed for systemic plant distribution have many benefits, including tree insect control. They attack pests through the plant’s entire tissue, including the leaves, roots, and fruits. In addition, they kill the fungus that causes infestations and prevents them from returning. Tree insect control with systemic pesticides is also an excellent option for homeowners. These types of pesticides can be used to treat large trees without the expense of hiring a professional pest control company.

Neem oil

Neem oil is an effective way to kill pests, including insects that live in the soil. You can use neem oil in a foliar spray bottle to treat your plants. Apply the mixture from the lower leaves upwards. The undersides of the leaves are most likely to harbor insect pests. Don’t over-apply the neem oil; lightly coat the leaf surface. It takes time to kill problems with this method, so be patient.

Fire blight

Using a professional company for tree pest control can help you control fire blight effectively. Tree pest control is essential for all kinds of trees, but it is vital for large trees that may reach 20 feet in height. The disease is highly contagious and can spread throughout the garden with wind and splashing rain. Proper management requires aggressive action to eliminate all sources of infections and prevent further spread.


Infections of tree insects and diseases can have disastrous consequences for forests, as infected trees die and lose their valuable timber and other ecosystem services. These services include carbon storage and water purification, benefits to human well-being, and biodiversity. As a result, tree disease research has prioritized finding new treatments to prevent disease spread and improve forest recovery after outbreaks. Ash dieback is one example of an epidemic affecting the tree’s roots and leaves.

Targeted treatment

To effectively manage insect problems in ornamental trees and shrubs, you should be familiar with pests and diseases that attack different parts of your landscape. You should collect specimens and pictures to determine which trees are at risk. In some cases, conditions are not visible until damage has already occurred. In such cases, targeted treatment for tree insect control is recommended. These treatments are only administered during certain times of the year. 

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