The Andrew Tate Backpack Scandal Continues

The name Andrew Tate may sound like a knuckle cracker, but that is not necessarily the case. This American born, U.S. citizen has been living in Romania for the past five years. He has gained notoriety as an ultra-masculine social media guru and entrepreneur. From a video that showed him cruising through the mountains of the country to a snazzy-looking tote bag, Tate is more than the average guy with a smartphone.

While he has been a controversial figure for his flamboyant and lurid online antics, Tate has done his share of good and evil in the business world. A spokesman for the US State Department says they have been aware of the matter for some time, but were not asked for consular assistance. That being said, the Tate saga continues. As of late, it is unclear whether or not the four suspects were the guilty parties.

According to the Romanian news outlet RIA, the Tate brothers were arrested in a high-profile raid on December 29. Prosecutors say the real-life escapade has been going on for months. The most notable part of the whole thing is that it is not the first time they have been caught. In fact, they were only detained for a mere 24 hours. Earlier this year, they were ordered to spend at least 30 days in prison. However, they have already filed an appeal.

The state-run DIICOT did not mention the arrests in a news release, but it did not take long for local media to publish pictures of the brothers in handcuffs. Apparently, there were some other gents in the house.

Although a multi-million dollar operation, prosecutors say that the most expensive items were stolen from Tate and his associates. Of course, the money was not the only thing they were after. They were also in the business of producing pornographic content for various specialized websites. Several of the women were exploited in the process. On one occasion, one of them actually lost a finger to a stray shotgun blast.

As a gimmick, the most important thing to remember about Tate is that he is no stranger to controversy. His Twitter feud with Greta Thunberg, who criticized him for making light of the One Percent Club, was not without its fair share of controversy.