Tatatowels Net Worth – How Much is Erin Ta-Ta Worth?

Founded in 2008 by Erin Ta-Ta, Tatatowels is a premium towel brand sewn in Los Angeles. The company makes handcrafted bath towels, bathrobes, and baby blankets that are sourced from reputable manufacturers. The towels are sold online, at retail stores, and in specialty boutiques. Tatatowels sells to customers around the world. They are available in a variety of sizes, including cup sizes C and bigger.

Erin Ta-Ta’s story

Invented by entrepreneur Erin Robertson, the Ta-Ta Towel is a bath accessory that has been making the rounds online. It was the best-selling towel on Amazon last year, and the company hopes to sell over 2 million units in the next decade. It costs $24 to make, and the company sold 1.1 million in one year. They were not always an internet sensation, however. In fact, Robertson was working in a thankless job until she was inspired by a sweaty summer date with a busted A/C. She had an idea for a towel that would help solve this problem and soon launched her company.

Erin Ta-Ta’s business model

During the summer of 2012, a woman named Erin Robertson conceived an innovative product: Ta-Ta Towels. This terry cloth towel fits around the breasts in a fashion similar to a halter top. The towel is designed to keep breasts dry when worn indoors or out.

Ta-Ta Towels are sold through the internet. While not a new idea, Erin’s invention took off this summer. She began making them in her living room. When she saw a woman on a sweaty date with a busted A/C, she was inspired to come up with a way to stop boob sweat.

Her idea was successful and Ta-Ta Towels went viral in August. This caused her sales to grow from several orders a week to over 55,000. Erin’s product is not the first to wear a towel around the breast, but it is the first to do so while still retaining the benefits of a traditional bra.

Erin’s business model isn’t perfect, and it doesn’t have a long-term strategy. Her goal is to become a 50/50 partner, but she doesn’t know how to generate more than $2 million in sales. This has forced her to make a few mistakes. But she’s still trying.

Erin’s company has also been featured on the television show Shark Tank. She pleaded with Shark investors to purchase 10% of her company for $200,000 and is looking for a larger investment.

Founder’s pitch on “Shark Tank”

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a beginner, Shark Tank offers an opportunity to get early stage projects to new heights. The show features entrepreneurs making presentations to a panel of investors who decide whether to invest. Applicants must have a solid pitch and a great story, but they also need to show traction to convince the Sharks to invest.

The Sharks want to see a business that’s proven to be successful. They’re looking for a business that has a strong brand, a savvy founder, and a product that has potential to become a global hit.

Founders are sometimes too optimistic about how their business will do in the market. Often, they’re unrealistic about the valuation of their company. This can be a deal-breaker for investors. But if you can demonstrate that your business is profitable and shows early sales, you may be able to get the Sharks on board.

The founders of Bantam Bagels, Nick and Elyse Oleksak, went on Shark Tank to turn their New York City bakery into a nationwide business. They asked for $275,000 for 25% of their company, and Lori Greiner agreed. She also invested $175,000 for 10% of the company.

The Drop Stop is a car seat accessory that fits between a car’s center console and seat. It prevents objects from falling out. It was formerly known as Doorbot. When the Sharks saw the product’s traction and the quality of its design, they were interested.

Sewn in LA

Invented in 2015, the Ta Ta Towel is a good ol’ fashioned towel crafted with a modern twist. It has the ability to save you the embarrassment of a sweaty breast or two. It racked up a cool $1.1 million in sales in 2017.

Ta Ta Towels are not for the faint of heart though. This small family owned business is a relative newbie compared to the big dogs in the towel industry. In fact, Erin Ross left her administrative job to devote her energies to her pet project. The Ta-Ta Towels have been a work in progress since day one, and the company is still in the game. Despite a shaky 2018 financial performance, Erin is optimistic about the future. Hopefully, her patented towel will be the toast of the town in no time. This small business is in the enviable position of utilizing the latest technologies, while at the same time retaining its core values and values.