Taral Hicks Net Worth

TARAL HICKS is an American actress, singer and musician. She was born on September 21, 1974 in New York, USA. She is also the younger sister of D’Atra Hicks. She grew up in the Bronx, New York. She is of African-American ancestry. She is a graduate of Grace Dodge Vocational High School. She has appeared in several films and television series. She has released one studio album, This Time (1997). Her debut album hit the fourth position on the Billboard charts. She has also released many R&B singles and mix tapes. She has signed with Motown Records.

Taral Hicks began her career as an actor in 1993 when she appeared in the crime drama film A Bronx Tale. She was cast in the role of Jane Williams. In the movie, she was paired with Robert De Niro. Taral Hicks also starred in the HBO film Subway Stories. She has also appeared in other films, such as Just Cause (1995) and Belly (1998). She also made appearances in several other films, including A Father’s Pride (1998), Aunt Bam’s Place (1998) and King of Newark 2 (1999). She also starred in the Broadway play Belly: A Bronx Tale Story (2000).

Taral Hicks has been married to Loren Dawson since 2001. Taral and Loren have two children together. Currently, Taral is working as a teacher. She has also appeared in a number of public programs. She prefers to lead a low-key lifestyle. Despite the fact that she and her husband have been together for almost two decades, Taral and Loren have kept their personal life and their relationship private. They do not like to be exposed to the media.

Taral Hicks has a total net worth of $500 thousand. She earned most of her fortune from her acting and singing career. Her salary is estimated at $10 to $20 thousand per episode. She has also played in many video shorts, including the Jaheim’s video “Put That Woman First.” She has upcoming projects in 2022, including the feature film Gaslight 2022. She also has an upcoming movie, A Second Chance, and a role in Friends of Rome. She has also been featured in the movie, Love After, and the TV series, Chase Street. She has also appeared in several mix tapes.

Taral Hicks has appeared in several movies, including A Father’s Pride, Belly, Belly: A Bronx Tale Story, Just Cause, The Preacher’s Wife, and King of Newark 2. She has also starred in the TV series, Just Cause, Subway Stories, and Subway Stores. She has also appeared in a number commercials, including Coca-Cola. She has also starred in a number of Broadway plays, including The Preacher’s Wife, Belly: A Bronx Tale Stories, and King of Newark 2. Her debut album, This Time, was released in 1997. She has also released many mix tapes, R&B singles, and album songs. She has an official website and social media accounts. She is a member of the Black Lives Matter movement.