Takuache Quotes

takuache quotes

The lowrider culture was born in California in the 1940s and is a celebration of car culture and Mexican-American heritage. Today, the younger generation of Takuaches has taken this car culture online. America loves pickup trucks, and the Ford F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for 40 years. It is considered an icon of American culture.


Takuache cars are an enduring part of the Mexican-American community’s love of cars and driving. They often feature hydraulic lifts and aesthetic appeal. Young Takuaches have taken this culture a step further by establishing a new online trend. They frequently run into Corridos as they cruise, and often talk about their takuaches on social media.

Social media

Takuache quotes on social media have gained a lot of popularity lately. These young artists are making an impact in online culture, and have even started a trend that has become very popular. However, the use of social media can become addictive. Moreover, the use of social media may also become a time-waster.

One of the most popular uses of the term “takuache” is to describe certain male looks and haircuts. According to the Urban dictionary, a takuache will wear a hat and have his ears pierced. They will also typically drive a Chevy Silverado that has been dropped.


Takuache quotes about burnouts have become a popular meme online. These quotes are a good reminder to take time off, and to maintain a healthy balance in your life. You should take time off without feeling guilty. Takuaches often say, “Si quema!” when they complete a burnout.

Takuache was made popular by a tweet that linked a short haircut with the name Edgar. It received over seventy-five thousand likes and 19,000 retweets. It was later speculated that takuache was Kevin, who had committed suicide.


Takuache is a slang that has become quite popular and has become synonymous with a variety of things. A man named Adam Meis used the slang to describe a stolen truck and uploaded photos of the suspects riding the vehicle. His post was shared on Hispanic News Network’s BlogSpot site, and the slang phrase caught on quickly. He is now asking for the public’s help in finding the truck and its thieves.

Takuache is a term that has gained popularity among the young Mexican-American generation, especially those who love trucks. The word literally translates to “opossum,” but it was eventually associated with a contemporary cowboy. Today, takuaches are known for their distinctive styles and tend to love trucks, especially lifted pickup trucks (also called mamalonas).