Taking the F 02 Fireguard Practice Test

If you plan on working in a building that requires fire protection or a shelter, you should take the F 02 Fireguard practice test. This exam is required by both building owners and operators. It consists of 20 multiple choice questions. The exam is administered on a touch screen computer monitor and requires a passing score of 70% to obtain FDNY certification.

The Fireguard F02 Certificate of Fitness exam is administered by the New York City Fire Department. Passing this exam will grant you the right to work in the FDNY as a fire guard. You must know about fire safety policies and be able to answer test questions correctly. You can use the FDNY F02 fireguard practice test app to prepare for the exam.

You can download the F02 Fireguard practice test 2020 to your device or use a link to upload it online. It is completely secure and updated to meet all security requirements. You can edit the text and pictures in the F02 Fireguard Practice Test. You can also add fields and symbols for the test.