Swimply Net Worth Today

Currently, the company has more than 2500 employees, and its revenue is estimated to reach over $500 million this year. This will be accomplished through a number of different revenue sources, including sales, rental, and advertising. The company’s founder, Bunim Laskin, has plans for expansion. Those plans include the expansion of its restaurants and a new hotel.

Founder Bunim Laskin

Founder Bunim Laskin of Swimply was born in Israel. He was 20 years old when he began his business. In addition to founding Swimply, he partnered with Asher Weinberg, who was a founder of TribeWorks, a non-benefit Jewish organization.

In the summer of 2018, Laskin and Weinberg launched an app that connects pool owners with swimmers. The app helps pool owners generate passive income. The Swimply website has facilitated 250,000 bookings in the last year, and it will add another 15,000 pools to 103 cities by 2021.

Laskin, who was a bar-mitzvah boy, used his bar-mitzvah money to launch PoolForU, a website that links people with private pools. He was able to raise $960,000 through a partnership with a pool maintenance company.

Laskin decided to leave college and work on his new venture full time. His parents agreed to pay for a quarter of his monthly pool maintenance costs. He used Google Earth to find pools in homes around him. He then pitched the idea of renting residential pools by the hour to Sharks.

Laskin received $300,000 in financing in exchange for a 5% stake in the company. The Sharks weren’t impressed with the deal, however. They said that it was too high. After the pitch, Laskin moved to Lakewood, New Jersey.

Laskin has 11 siblings and is the eldest. He spent his childhood in Israel. He then moved back to Jerusalem for college. After his first year of college, Laskin dropped out to focus on his business. Then, he returned home for the summer. Laskin used his savings to launch a website. In the first year, Laskin made around $20,000.

Laskin plans to reach a three-year extended valuation of $239 million. He wants to transform his software into a sharing economy app. He and his partner are working on bringing Swimply to the masses.

Laskin’s company has about $10 million in assets. He is also looking for investors. The company’s website is available on the Playstore. He and his partner have worked on his business for two years. They have a prototype product that can track agreements between parties.

Revenue sources

Described as “airbnb for swimming pools,” Swimply, an on-demand platform, is a pool rental marketplace that is similar to a ride-sharing app. Users can rent parking spots, garages, or pools by the hour. Swimply takes a 15% cut from its hosts. The company has a variety of listing options, including pools, garages, and RVs. The platform is also introducing a new feature, called JoySpace, that lets users rent out fun parts of their home.

Swimply is one of many sharing economy platforms. Companies like Airbnb and Lime have revolutionized the way people rent out their homes, cars, and other properties. As such, every company needs to be carefully managed.

Swimply is a relatively new player in the pool rental space. Swimply has launched in five markets in Australia and serves 125 markets throughout the U.S., including California and New York. It has also appeared on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and has earned a spot as a notable newcomer in the sharing economy. It has raised about $1 million in a seed round. And it recently closed a $10 million Series A financing round led by Norwest Venture Partners.

The company aims to make life easier for people who own backyard pools, which are often not in use during the hot summer months. By allowing people to rent their pools by the hour, Swimply helps homeowners avoid the expense of maintaining the pool and balancing the cost of maintenance with the income that can be generated.

Swimply also offers other ways for homeowners to generate additional income. Some homeowners offer their pool as a movie theater. Others rent out portable potties.

The company also offers up to $1 million in general liability insurance. While Swimply isn’t a direct competitor to Airbnb or Lime, it does fill a void in some communities. It can help pool owners offset their pool maintenance costs and provide a side gig income.

The company has ruffled communities from California to Florida. Swimply is also planning to expand into 25 new markets nationwide. In addition to its pool rental service, Swimply offers homeowners an array of options for listing their garages, parking spots, and other amenities.

Expansion plans

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