Survivors’ Coach Quotes From Left 4 Dead 2

coach quotes l4d2

The pessimistic attitude and sarcasm of Nick can be interpreted in many ways in the Left 4 Dead series. Despite the negative tone of the game, Nick’s pessimistic attitude often makes him laugh. Read on for examples of Nick’s quotes and sarcasm.

Nick’s pessimistic attitude

Nick is a character from the Call of Duty video game. Despite his self-centered cynicism, he is not afraid to be blunt and antagonistic. He tells players not to remember his name, and will often forgo mentioning it when asked. His pessimistic attitude is apparent in the way he treats people around him, and this is likely a result of his past as a con artist.

Nick is a former con man who drifted from city to city, pulling scams. But throughout the game, he slowly begins to warm up to his team. Similarly, Jim is an outdoorsman who would rather be alone than spend time with his teammates.

Nick also has a dislike for Francis. He refers to him as a greasy vest wearing monkey, a “Colonel Sanders”, and a “greasy vest-wearing monkey”. He will often talk slowly while cursing.

Nick’s sarcasm in l4d2

Nick is a mini rapist. This is a good example of sarcasm in L4D2. He has a good deal in common with the other survivors in the first game, but he is also cold. This behavior may come as a surprise to some.


Survivors’ Coach is the leader of the team. He convinces the team to use pyrotechnics from the Midnight Riders concert finale to attract a helicopter pilot. However, this plan fails when the team accidentally leaves a gun bag full of flares and a Burger Tank sign behind.

The Coach is the oldest of the Survivors in Left 4 Dead 2. He is a religious man and leads the group in a group prayer before entering Liberty Mall. The coach also has a love of football and food. Although the game doesn’t show what weapons he wields, Coach is most likely to carry shotguns. His face model is Darnell Rice, while his voice is provided by Chad Coleman.