Surfset Fitness Net Worth 2021

Those looking to get fit need not look any further than Surfset Fitness. This fitness program is one of the hottest in the industry today, and is racking up millions in annual revenue. Founded by Lakey Peterson and Sarah Ponn, this fitness program offers a variety of workouts and programs to help people lose weight and gain fitness. They also have a full team of trainers who can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Lakey Peterson

During her professional career, Lakey Peterson has earned a lot of money. Her total career earnings are $60749,74. She has also made a lot of endorsement deals. These endorsements add to her net worth.

Lakey Peterson was born on September 30, 1994, in Santa Barbara, California. She is the daughter of Seu and David Peterson. She has two siblings, Whitney and Parker. She is a professional surfer. She is currently living in Montecito, California. She is ranked as one of the top 10 surfers in the world. She has also been a spokesperson for many surf brands. She has also been hired by Smith Optics. She also appeared on the television show Shark Tank.

Lakey Peterson started surfing at the age of five. At the age of twelve, she decided to pursue her career in surfing. She competed in ASP World Qualifying Series at the age of sixteen. She has also competed in the ASP Feminino Tour of Champions. She has also been a featured surfer in a film called Leave A Message. She has also been featured on the covers of several magazines.

Lakey Peterson is also a professional actress. She has won several awards at various film festivals. She has also starred in the films Leave A Message and Zero to 100. She has also been a spokesperson for the brand Homegrown Surf Shop. She has also been hired by several companies to make their products more popular. These companies include Nike, Hurley, SurfSet Fitness, and Smith Optics.

Lakey Peterson is currently engaged to Thomas Allen, an Australian osteopath. They got engaged near Peterson’s hometown in California. They got married in a private ceremony.

Mike Hartwick

SURFSET Fitness is a fitness company. Its flagship studio is set to open in New York in September. It has 350 licensed locations in 32 countries. Its products are called RipSurferX. It has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and on TV shows like The Doctors and Good Morning America.

The company was founded by former professional hockey player Mike Hartwick and fitness expert Sarah Ponn. Their fitness product, the RipSurfer X, is an exercise machine that mimics the feeling of surfing. The board sits on rubber air bladders. It costs $150 to make and sells for $400 retail.

The company is also on the hunt for the next big thing in fitness. Its ultimate goal is to become a fitness brand like Nike or Zumba. Currently, it has 750 boards in stock. There are over 40 gyms in the US and Canada offering classes using boards.

The company has even gone so far as to seal partnerships with UnderArmour and Garnier Fructis. It plans a nationwide certification drive to train instructors. The company will also introduce RipSurfer X.

While there are many fitness companies out there, there are few that have been as hot as Surfset Fitness. Its website receives thousands of hits every month, and a recent episode on Shark Tank generated more than 250,000 website visits.

The company has also spawned several locations with teachers. There are now over 100 certified instructors teaching classes around the world. The company plans to introduce RipSurfer X to the world in 2013. It has also received over 200 inquiries on franchises. Its motto is “The Big Kahuna of Fitness”.

In short, the RipSurfer X is a fun piece of fitness equipment that mimics the experience of surfing. It also allows users to work on their balance and core muscles.

Sarah Ponn

SURFSET Fitness aims to be the big Kahuna in the fitness industry. They have set up a small but mighty network of 350 licensed locations in 32 countries. Their flagship studio is opening in New York in September. The company’s annual revenue is in the neighborhood of $8 million. They have also sealed partnerships with UnderArmour and Garnier Fructis.

In short, SURFSET Fitness is a company that sells classes and training at gyms. It also has its own proprietary exercise device, the RipSurfer X. It has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine. A plethora of TV shows have taken an interest in the company.

The company’s flagship product, the RipSurfer X, is a surfboard shaped exercise device that simulates surfing in a swimming pool. The device is accompanied by a series of exercises that are a bit more challenging than the usual sit ups and push-ups.

The company has a large marketing budget, and they have found success with it. SURFSET Fitness has been featured in Forbes Magazine and on The Doctors. In the year of the surfset, they have a target of $5 million in revenue for 2013. It has taken them about four months to make this goal a reality. The company has also branched out beyond New York City with locations in Atlantic City, the Hamptons, and San Francisco.

The SURFSET aficionado is currently planning a national certification drive. He plans to certify instructors to teach surfing classes. He also plans to hire pro surfers for future classes. The company has plans to introduce a home version of the RipSurfer X. He’s also developing a class for older people.

Annual revenue

Originally operated in New York, the Surfset Fitness chain of fitness studios is now expanding across the United States. The chain offers a total body workout program inspired by surfing. The chain includes classes incorporating mechanized boards that replicate surfing. They also offer classes incorporating balance and muscle toning. In addition to its physical fitness facilities, the Surfset Fitness chain offers a certification program.

The chain’s main revenue is in Physical Fitness Facilities and Amusement and Recreation Services. The company has two employees and generates $245,777 in annual revenues. They have found customers amongst personal trainers, gym owners and individuals. They are planning to expand their business and sell certification programs and equipment. The chain plans to franchise their fitness studios in the future. The founder of the company made six figures in pre-sales before he manufactured his products. He wanted to sell 10% of his company for $150k. After Shark Tank, the company continued to grow. It implied a post-money valuation of $1.5M.

The Surfset Fitness chain of fitness studios combines fat burn classes with muscle toning. Its mechanized boards replicate surfing and offer multiple levels of resistance. They also offer a certification program to help customers learn how to use their equipment.

Media appearances

SURFSET Fitness is a company that is launching a line of fitness equipment that is based on a unique idea. Their newest product, the RipSurfer X surf board, is a high tech piece of exercise equipment that is designed to mimic the feel of surfing. The surf board has a series of rubber air bladders to give the board a smooth ride, and is shaped to mimic the contours of a real surfboard. It is also designed to help you stay fit, while also having fun. The company is headed by CEO Mike Hartwick and business development and operations chief Bill Ninteau.