Super Potty Trainer Net Worth

Having a super potty trainer is a great way to ensure that you get the most out of your training sessions. Many trainers can teach you how to squat and hold your potty, while others will teach you how to change your body in a way that helps you get rid of any odors. There are also many trainers that will help you build up your stamina so that you can go for longer periods of time without having to go back to the training room.

Judy Abrahams

Inventor of the Super Potty Trainer, Judy Abrahams, quit her job as a paralegal to stay home with her daughter. She needed a safe and foolproof potty training solution. So she created an adjustable toilet helper that would allow her daughter to sit down without worrying about falling in. And she turned it into a money-making business.

The Super Potty Trainer is made of silicone materials and is a rest that attaches to the top of the toilet rim. It also has a back support and non-skid high-density silicone pads. The product can be used by children of all ages. It also helps parents conquer potty training.

The Super Potty Trainer is actually adjustable, so it can grow with your child. It also comes with non-skid high-density silicon pads that prevent movement. There are also toilet seat bumpers that allow the user to sit more comfortably on the toilet.

The Super Potty Trainer was created by Judy Abrahams, who has a bachelor’s degree in science, a paralegal certificate, and a court interpreter certificate. She has also been featured on the show Shark Tank.

She developed the Super Potty Trainer while potty training her daughter. She used a cardboard box prototype to get a feel for what would work. Then she got no-stick pads patented. She put the finished product on Amazon. The product was a success and sold 400 units. She also donated a few to her local autism organization.

Abrahams has received several accolades, including an award from the Autism Society of Southern Arizona. She is also a qualified court interpreter and stand-up comedian. She also earned an advanced paralegal certificate from Pima Community College. She is currently located in New Hampshire. She has been featured on TV shows, like The Today Show and Shark Tank. She is currently working on her next project, an adjustable toilet assist that would allow parents to teach their children to potty in the most effective manner.

She is currently working on a plan to secure a $1.1 million purchase order from Wal Mart.

Chris Guerrera

Inventors, Chris Guerrera and Judy Abrahams, pitched their Super Potty Trainer to sharks on ABC’s “Shark Tank.” They are now in talks with Wal Mart for a $1.1 million purchase order. They’ve got a patented product, a patented marketing strategy and a patented video on Instagram.

The Super Potty Trainer is an adjustable back support for kids. The device uses high density silicone pads that keep the device in place. It can be lifted with one hand. It’s not a new idea, but it’s been around for a while.

The Super Potty Trainer’s most important function is its adjustable back support. The device fits any toilet seat and offers a secure back rest for kids. The device’s patented silicone pads provide a stable base. Its most impressive feature is its ability to adjust its size to accommodate a growing child’s needs.

The Super Potty Trainer is a clever device that will make your toileting experience a lot easier. The device comes in handy if your kids have a fear of falling into the toilet bowl. It’s also a good idea to teach kids about the right way to sit on a toilet. The device is made of silicone and is shaped like a half top hat.

The Super Potty Trainer is probably not the first thing you think of when you’re potty training your kids, but it’s an important part of the process. Using the device will help you avoid the mess and hassle of flushing a potty. It also lets you keep an eye on your kids’ potty training progress.

It’s also a patented product that’s been selling like hot cakes on Amazon and Walmart. It’s got no moving parts and a patented design. It’s got no small feat that the device has been sold for $20 and has sold more than 65,000 units in the past six months. It’s also been rated as one of the most interesting products on the market. You can read more about the product here.

It’s not a new idea, and it’s not hard to see why. There are a lot of parents who are desperate for a potty-training solution, and the Super Potty Trainer is the perfect solution.

Lori Greiner

During her career as an entrepreneur, Lori Greiner has earned a large amount of fame and wealth. She has created and sold over 600 products, and has over 120 patents. She has also been featured on the popular television show Shark Tank. In fact, Lori is one of the show’s most famous investors.

Lori Greiner’s net worth is estimated at $150 million. She started her career in the journalism industry. She earned a degree in communications at Loyola University in Chicago. She also worked for the Chicago Tribune. In 2000, she moved to QVC. She has also authored a book called “Invent It, Sell It, Bank It!”.

In her first year, Lori Greiner made a million dollars in sales. She also paid back her $300,000 loan within 18 months, thanks to sales of her jewelry box. She was able to build her first multi-million dollar business at age 18. In addition to her investments, she is also a producer and inventor.

Lori Greiner’s first product, an earring organizer, was picked up by J.C. Penny. Her earring organizer was also featured on the Home Shopping Network. It earned Lori $10 million in sales three years after its invention. It is also sold in Bed, Bath, and Beyond and HSN.

Lori Greiner was the youngest of two working parents. She grew up in Chicago’s suburbs. She aspired to be a playwright. She also worked for the Chicago Tribune, and wrote a book.

Lori Greiner is also a popular investor. Her investments include Squatty Potty, Bantam Bagels, and Paint Brush Cover. She is also a mentor for other entrepreneurs. She has earned a reputation for being a smart and likable person, and her hard work and determination have led to her success.

Lori Greiner has appeared on the popular television show Shark Tank for three seasons. She has snagged many of the best deals, and her investments have been incredibly successful. She is often partnered with another Shark. She also likes to take cash for equity, and she has an eye for value and user-friendliness.

Squatty Potty

Invented by a mother and son duo in Saint George, Utah, Squatty Potty is a footstool that lifts your knees and feet into a squatting position while using the toilet. In the process, Squatty Potty also helps to relieve constipation.

The Edwards family was originally inspired to develop Squatty Potty by their mother’s struggle with constipation. They tried various methods to keep their knees up, such as putting books on their laps and elevating their legs. However, they found it too difficult to change their bathroom habits.

They decided to take the Squatty Potty into the market. They began selling bidets, toilet sprays, and constipation pills. They also introduced attachable bidet spouts. After the appearance on Shark Tank, they secured a $350,000 investment from Lori Greiner.

Greiner agreed to invest $350,000 for a 10% stake in Squatty Potty. She also offered a $200,000 investment for a 20% stake in Scrub Daddy. She also helped to get the product into Bed, Bath & Beyond stores.

After the episode, Squatty Potty made an overnight bump in sales. Within 24 hours, the company had sold $1 million worth of product.

The Squatty Potty has become a household name and millions of people have benefited from the product. It is now available in over twenty countries. It is also used in hospitals and other medical institutions.

In addition to the toilet squatting device, Squatty Potty offers toilet sprays, t-shirts, air fresheners, and cheeky t-shirts. The product is expected to bring in $10-15 million in annual sales in the future. The company’s net worth is expected to reach over $50 million in 2021.

The Squatty Potty is still performing well under the Aterian brand. The company has also expanded its product line to include Scour Daddy, Eraser Daddy, and Scor Daddy Plus. It also added a line of seasonal lines. The company’s website had 158,000 visitors on the first night.

In the years since its appearance on Shark Tank, the company has taken in more than $164 million in sales. It is estimated that Squatty Potty will bring in $30 million in 2016.