Stuart Margolin Net Worth

During the last decade, Stuart Margolin has been in a series of popular television shows, including The Killing and NBC’s The Office. He has also made several films. He is currently working on his next project. His net worth is estimated to be $1.3 million. He lives with his wife and son in Los Angeles.

Acting career

During his 50 year career, Stuart Margolin has done a fair share of entertaining television, as well as more entertaining movie and TV stunts. His best known roles include The Rockford Files, The Partridge Family, M*A*S*H and The Glitter Dome, among others. His notable achievements include two Emmy awards, a DGA award for children’s programming and a Golden Globe. He currently lives with his wife in Lewisburg, West Virginia. Margolin has been a participant in the Chautauqua Institution theater program since 2004.

The Rockford Files may have been the first television show to feature a multi-episode arc, but it was not the last. The show was a modest hit and has been a part of the television landscape since 1973, when it first aired on ABC. Earlier in his career, Margolin had a brief but starring role in Nichols. He appeared in two episodes of The Partridge Family, a few episodes of M*A*S*H and one of The Fall Guy. He has also appeared in an episode of Land of the Giants. During his tenure on the show, he also had an uncredited role as a station wagon driver in Heroes. The show lasted for one season. Probably the best part of his tenure was getting to play a variety of characters including two of the show’s leading ladies. Margolin’s latest roles include a regular role in The Bridge and a supporting role in the Canadian CBC television series The Overpass. He also has appeared in many television commercials, including the television show Good Morning America, where he has been since 2011. He was also a cast member in the popular series Two and a Half Men.

TV and film credits

During his career, Stuart Margolin has played a number of roles on screen. He has also worked as a director, composer and songwriter. He has also received several awards for his work as a TV director. His latest appearance was as Hugh Dryer in “What the Night Can Do” in 2020.

Margolin first worked on television in the early 1960s. He appeared in a number of hits shows at the time, including “The Fugitive” (ABC 1963-67), “Ironside” (NBC 1967-1975), “The Partridge Family” (NBC 1964-72), “The Monkees” (NBC 1972-77) and “Bewitched” (ABC 1964-1972). He also appeared in an episode of “M.A.S.H.”, “Land of the Giants” and “The Partridge Family.”

Margolin made a number of appearances in supporting roles in the 1980s. He played Philo Sandeen in the television series Maverick from 1981 to 1982. He also appeared in the romantic drama film By By Blues. He also co-starred in a comedy-drama film, The Glitter Dome, with Marisa Berenson. He also appeared in “Love, American Style” as a member of the ensemble. He wrote songs for Jerry Riopelle.

Margolin’s role as Angel Martin on The Rockford Files has been a major highlight of his long career. He won two Emmy awards for his work. He also directed several episodes of the show. He later appeared in several made-for-TV movies in the mid-’90s.

Margolin’s brother, Arnold Margolin, is also an actor. He starred in On Golden Pond in 2016. In 2015, he starred in Neil Simon’s Laughter on the 23rd Floor. Margolin also worked with Margolin in a professional community theater play.

Margolin has appeared in a number of films including The Partridge Family, Hill Street Blues, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Magnum, P.I., Kelly’s Heroes and S.O.B. He has received several awards for his work as a songwriter and TV director. He has also been nominated for a DGA Award.


Among his many accolades, Stuart Margolin has been awarded a number of Emmy’s, the most recent being a Best Actor in a Drama Series award for his role as Angel Martin in The Rockford Files. Margolin has also starred in several TV series, such as The Fall Guy, Kelly’s Heroes, M*A*S*H, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Land of the Giants and Arbitrage, to name just a few. He is also a writer and a director.

Margolin has also starred in the tiniest of movie buffs in the aptly titled “The Fall Guy” (also known as The Molly Sue). He also starred in the first season of the Western series, and appeared in the same role in “Arbitrage”. The latter lasted only one season, though, whereas the former was a hit from the get go. Margolin also starred in the aforementioned “Republic of Doyle” CBC/BS television series. Margolin has been a member of the Chautauqua Institution’s theater program since 2004. He is also a proud stepfather to Max Martini and Christopher Martini. He is currently a resident of Lewisburg, West Virginia. Despite his success in Hollywood, Margolin still maintains a stoic and pragmatic approach to life. He has a net worth of $20 million, according to a recent profile. It is also worth noting that he was born in Davenport, Iowa, which was once home to several well-known actors of the ilk. His parents, Charles and Elsie Margolin, both of whom were actors, have passed away. He is married to his wife, a fellow actor and writer, Janet Margolin. They have a son, Christopher, who is currently a high school sophomore. Margolin is currently working on a number of projects.

Social media accounts

Whether you’re a fan of The Rockford Files or not, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Stuart Margolin. He’s a film and television actor best known for his role as Assistant District Attorney Harry Stone on the series. He has also starred in several other shows, including The Partridge Family, 11 Angry Men, M*A*S*H, and The Glitter Dome. Throughout his long career, Margolin has earned several accolades. He is the recipient of two Emmy awards, including an award for his role as Deputy Sheriff Jim Rockford in the series’ most recent incarnation.

Stuart Margolin was born in Davenport, Iowa, U.S., on January 31, 1940. He started his career at the relatively early age of 21. He has three children. He has been married twice, to Joyce Eliason and Pat Margolin. He has three step children, Max, Michelle, and Christopher. He currently lives in Lewisburg, West Virginia. Margolin’s parents aren’t publicly available, but they are very proud of their son.

In addition to his acting career, Margolin has been a director for several TV shows and movies. He also co-wrote several songs for Jerry Riopelle. His other credits include directing several episodes of The Rockford Files. He is also the executive producer of the film Love, American Style, which won the Best Picture award at the 2008 Los Angeles Film Festival.

The social media accounts of Stuart Margolin are numerous, including a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and even an Instagram account. In addition, he has done several interviews. He has been known to exaggerate in his portrayals, but is reportedly in good health. Several ad campaigns have been attributed to him, including one for Yeezy sneakers.


During his career, Stuart Margolin has acted in over 120 films. He has appeared on several popular television shows and is also an accomplished musician. He is still active and lives in Lewisburg, West Virginia.

Margolin began his acting career in 1961. He made his acting debut in The Gertrude Berg Show. Later, he appeared on a number of popular shows including Bewitched (ABC 1964-72), S.O.B. (ABC 1966-1967), and M*A*S*H (1970). He also appeared on several other television series.

In addition to his acting career, Margolin has also worked as a writer and director. He has directed numerous episodes of television series such as Magnum P.I., Northern Exposure, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Quantum Leap. He also won awards for his work in television directing. Margolin has directed over thirty-seven made-for-TV movies. In addition, he has written several songs for Jerry Riopelle.

After appearing in several films in the 1970s, Stuart Margolin was cast as a lead actor on a television series, The Rockford Files. In the series, he played Angel Martin, a former jailmate of Jim Rockford. He received two Emmy Awards for his role.

During the mid-1990s, Margolin reprised his role as Angel Martin in several made-for-television movies. He also wrote songs for Jerry Riopelle, which included the songs “And the Angel Sings” and “Day After Day (It’s Slippin’ Away). He also co-wrote the title song for Shango’s 1969 Caribbean-flavored novelty record “Day After Day (It’s slippin’ away).

Margolin’s long career has spanned more than fifty years. He has been nominated for a number of awards including the Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in Dramatic Program. He also earned two Primetime Emmy Awards for his work on The Rockford Files.