Straight Edge Questions Answered

Originally developed in the 1980s, straight edge is a punk subculture that abstains from drinking alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs. While it started as a reaction to the excesses of the hardcore punk movement, straight edge has since transcended its original boundaries.

Can you be a straight edge vegan?

Many people have been confused about the concept of straight edge and whether or not it is possible to be a vegan while following this lifestyle. The answer is yes, you can be a straight edge vegan as long as you follow the rules of abstaining from intoxicants like alcohol, nicotine and recreational drugs while also following a vegan diet.

Can straight edge drink coffee?

While it is not a common practice, some people who are followers of straight edge do drink coffee. However, they are not required to do so.

Do straight edge followers assault non-straight edge individuals?

In the United States, there have been several instances of violence carried out by followers of straight edge. These attacks often occur at straight edge concerts and sometimes result in the death of an individual.

The reason why straight edge followers assault other people is not necessarily related to their adherence to the straight edge lifestyle. The underlying cause is usually an individual’s personal views or opinions that differ from the followers of straight edge.

Do straight edge followers have a monopoly on the use of body mods?

While many straight edge followers may not be opposed to tattoos, piercings, scarification and branding, there is nothing wrong with these body mods as long as they are done in moderation. Moreover, BDSM practices such as suspension are not harmful either.

Do straight edge followers believe in xenophobia?

While most straight edge followers do not believe in xenophobia, there are some who do. This is mainly because xenophobia is a prejudice that aims to degrade people from their human worth.

Does straight edge mean that you have to be a member of the hardcore punk movement?

The concept of straight edge was first introduced by Minor Threat, a band that released a single in 1981 called “Straight Edge” and a song in 1983 called “Out of Step.” In the early 1980s, bands such as Teen Idles started a tradition of marking their hands with a black cross to indicate that they were too young to be served alcohol at clubs. These marks soon gained popularity and became a symbol of the straight edge movement.

Do straight edge followers think that all people who choose not to be a part of straight edge should be killed?

The underlying belief of most straight edge followers is that all human beings should be free from all forms of intoxication. This means that all straight edge members should abstain from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs while also avoiding all sex or masturbate.

Although the straight edge movement has been largely eclipsed by the rise of emo and punk rock in the 1990s, it still has an active community of followers. Some of these fans have moved on to more wholesome ways of living, while others remain committed to the straight edge principles that they were once a part of.