Star Wars The Force Unleashed Wii Cheats

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is one of the best games ever made for the Nintendo Wii console. You can play it with your friends or solo against the computer. But there are cheat codes for this game that you will need to know. These codes will help you unlock certain things and get higher scores.

Rogue Shadow

To use Star Wars The Force Unleashed cheat codes, you first have to unlock Rogue Shadow. Once you do so, go to the Extras menu and click the Enter Code option. You will then see a list of codes that you can enter to unlock Rogue Shadow. Some of these codes can be used to obtain certain items or powers that are not available otherwise. Some of the available codes are HURRIKANE, PROTOTYPE, and KORRIBAN.

You can also use cheat codes in the in-game menu to unlock special abilities. Some of these codes can only be used while in-game, and they prevent you from saving the game. However, you can use these codes in missions, such as finishing the prologue with Darth Vader. The same thing goes for the first level, where you must defeat the Starkiller.

While Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is considered one of the best Star Wars games yet, there are a number of cheat codes that you can use to unlock weapons, costumes, and secrets. These codes are available for the Xbox 360 version, but the cheats will work on the PS3 version as well. You’ll need to unlock Rogue Shadow first before you can use the cheats, so you’ll have to pause the game for a moment to enter the codes.

The “VICEROY” code will unlock Senator Bail Organa. Similarly, “BLACKHOLE” will unlock Shadow Trooper and Snow Trooper. You can also use the “TK421WHITE” or “TK421BLUE” codes to unlock Stormtrooper Commander. Another useful cheat code is “HOLOCRON.” This code will help you unlock several robes and armors, such as the Jedi Adventure robe and Kento’s robe. Another one is “KORRIBAN” which unlocks the Sith Stalker armor.

Using cheat codes in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

The Wii version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has many cheat codes, and using them can help you unlock a variety of different items. These codes can vary from cosmetics to character power-ups. You can refer to the list of available codes below to see which codes work for your game.

In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, you can dress up as different characters. In order to change your outfit, you need to go to a Proxy on a ship. However, there is a cheat code called GRANDMOFF, which unlocks all costumes. This makes it much easier to switch costumes than to type in each code individually.

The Wii version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed features the same cheat codes as the Switch version. These codes can help you unlock characters, amplify your lightsaber power, and activate god mode. Whether you’re playing on Wii or Switch, cheat codes can help you improve your game.

The game’s storyline takes place between the original Star Wars trilogies. Players assume the role of the Starkiller, an apprentice of Darth Vader. He’s been trained in the ways of the dark side since childhood. His mission is to wipe out every Jedi from the galaxy. He also wishes to use Starkiller to overthrow Emperor Palpatine and rule the galaxy. However, the role of Starkiller in the canon of Star Wars is questionable. As Disney owns the franchise, it’s not entirely clear how his plot fits in.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is a great video game. It has a great storyline and is available for multiple gaming systems. Despite its rating of “T” for teen-oriented content, the game is much less violent than the original trilogy.

There are a variety of online resources for people to learn the game’s cheat codes. You can also check out the online forums for helpful answers to questions you might have. Some experts will help you out if you’re stuck with the game.

Finding Imperialized raxus

Finding the Imperialized raxus is one of the most important things to do in Star Wars The Force Unleashed. There are two ways to find it. The first way is to open the hatches in the AT-ST. In the other way, you need to open the hatches above the AT-ST’s bay. In either way, you can find a lightsaber crystal and a force/health holocron. To reach them, you will need to defeat the game’s difficulty.