Spring 2022 Navy Advancement Quotas Announced

spring 2022 navy advancement quotas

The new spring 2022 navy advancement quotas reflect the changes made during the last two years. These quotas represent a percentage of Sailors who have been advanced to the next paygrade. They include advancement quotas for NWAE, MAP, Other Paths for Advancement, and lower paygrade inventory. However, they exclude Sailors in E5 with less than one year of time in rate. These quotas are calculated using community health considerations, and they only include Sailors who have passed their advancement exam.

The quotas are set to be announced next week. This year’s quotas are for E-4, E-5, and E-6 sailors in the Selected Reserve. They will offer more opportunities for advancement than last year. There are 886 guaranteed E-4 advancement slots, while only 694 slots are open for E-6s. This means that the overall chance for advancement is 36 percent higher for E-4s than last year.

The navy will release the E-4 through E-6 advancement results for more than ninety thousand eligible candidates on active duty, full-time support, and the Selected Reserve. The results will be published on June 25. They will include those who have been advanced off of the current active exam cycle.

The E-6 and E-7 EP TIR waiver authorized candidates must complete their PMK-EE before the end of March 2022. They must also complete the rate conversion. They must have passed the PME and PMK-EE exams in the last two years. By doing so, they will be able to advance to the E-5 paygrade.

In addition, the CA2P quotas are intended to ensure geolocation stability. They will be a great option for those Sailors who would like to advance to the next higher rank. In addition to providing more stability, CA2P replaces the MAP at the E-4 to E-5 advancement point. However, this advancement quota is only available at afloat commands.

There are also changes to the paid education programs for officers. Graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy, Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps, and Health Professional Scholarship Program will be on the hook for pro-rated costs. However, those who have received specialized training through the Navy may receive some reimbursement.