Spec-D LED Tail Lights For 2011-2013 Scion TC

Scion TC 2011-2013 tail lights are designed for the 2011-2013 model year and are compatible with production dates prior to May 13. They come with both front and rear lights and include pre-assembled wiring. They require stock bulbs for installation. The Scion TC tail lights are available in both smoke and white LED, and are a great way to increase the style and performance of your car.

Spec-D LED Tail Lights add a touch of class to your Scion tC. They are made of light emitting diodes (LEDs) which are much brighter than standard light bulbs. LEDs are also safer for driving and will give your car that sleek, euro-look.

The Spec-D Tail Lights are designed to provide the best visual impact and the most visibility. They are manufactured from high quality injection molded plastic and feature a Polycarbonate lens that is impact and UV-resistant. They are also covered with a quality sealant to prevent damage from the sun.