Sondra Celli Net Worth – Facts About Fashion Designer Sondra Celli

Whether you’re a fan of Sondra Celli’s music, her show My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding or her work as an actress, you probably have a lot of questions about her career and net worth. This article will cover the facts for you.

Personal life

Whether or not you are a fan of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood or an avid watcher of reality television, you are bound to have heard of Sondra Celli. This fashion maven has made it on to the cover of many a fashion magazine. Sondra has made her mark as a high profile designer in the fashion world as well as the mainstream business arena. She has worked for fashion houses in Italy and Hong Kong as well as the US. She has won numerous awards for her designs. She has also been featured in the mainstream media for her work.

Sondra Celli has been credited with many design innovations. She was the first to apply Swarovski crystals to couture. She has also been noted for her innovative use of textiles. One of her most noteworthy accomplishments was designing the first official custom uniforms for the New England Patriots Cheerleaders. She even made the smart move of wiring the uniforms to light up at night! She is also the first designer to ever create a hoodie from nothing. She has also created a line of children’s wear as well as home and pet decor to boot. She has been mentioned in Forbes magazine as a notable fashion designer. She has also received several awards for her work including the CFDA Fashion Design Award in 2009. Sondra Celli has the enviable distinction of being the first female fashion designer to win this award. She has also been awarded a special honor by the New York Fashion Institute.


Currently a Boston-based clothing designer, Sondra Celli has been making over-the-top gowns for more than three decades. Her gowns are a status symbol for the Gypsy community. As the name suggests, her dresses are larger than life, and her staff can whip up a show-stopping look in just a few hours.

Celli is also the proud owner of her own company, The Sondra Celli Company. The company is primarily known for its Swarovski crystal couture gowns, but the designer also makes clothing for babies and children. Celli also has a knack for designing costumes for reality shows. She has even designed uniforms for the New England Patriots Cheerleaders.

Celli got her start in fashion design in New York and Hong Kong. She also studied fashion design in Europe. She opened her own business in 1984, which is now known as Sondra Celli Designs. Her studio is located in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Celli’s “crystal couture” designs have carved a niche for herself within the US Gypsy community. Her “crystal” dress for instance, weighs 110 pounds and is made of 50,000 hand-sewn crystals.

There are many “crystal” wedding dresses on the market, but none compare to the work of Sondra Celli. She is one of the most sought-after gypsy-couture all-stars, and her company’s designs have been showcased in a number of magazines, including The New York Times and Harper’s Bazaar. Celli also designs gowns for the average bride, and her work has been featured in New York Magazine and Town & Country.

During the first half of her career, Sondra Celli was an apprentice to several fashion designers in Europe. Her work on the TLC show My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding is a great example of the designer’s talent. Several celebrities have donned her dresses. The show has been on air for more than a year. Fans have been wondering if the show’s storyline was real, or if it’s a gimmick. The show’s fans have even wondered if Sondra Celli is still alive.

The best way to describe her work is to call it a “can do” attitude. She is a hard-working lady, and her work is no doubt appreciated by the many customers she has served.

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

Priscilla, a 14-year-old gypsy girl, is ready to be a bride. She plans to wear a dress designed by her mother, Sondra Celli, on her big day.

But, before the wedding, she must overcome a longstanding family feud. Her grandmother will stop at nothing to stop her from becoming a bride. Meanwhile, her boyfriend must win her mother’s approval.

Celli has a long-standing career as a couturier for the gypsy community. After a decade in New York, she moved to Hong Kong and honed her craft. She then returned to her hometown of Charles River.

Celli is known for her unique designs. Her “Crystal Couture” creations have carved out a niche among American gypsies. She designs bridal gowns and party dresses. She has a studio in Waltham, Massachusetts at 144 Moody Street.

Her clients come in all shapes and sizes. Whether they’re a teenager or an adult, they all want to be unique and flashy. Her designs are wildly frothy and neon-y.

Sondra Celli also has a studio in Waltham. Her crystal designers hand-place each crystal one-by-one throughout the design. The headdress she designed is Native American-influenced. She also uses real crystals and embellishes her designs with shimmering crystal roses.

Celli designs for a variety of different ethnic groups, including gypsies. She caters to her customers’ requests and works seven or eight hours a day, six days a week.

The TLC show “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” premieres on July 17th. Based on the popular British documentary series, the show explores the hidden world of American Gypsies. It also follows two teenage girls, Shyanne and Hope, as they navigate rites of passage and a big birthday party.

Gypsy weddings are large and extravagant. In fact, one bride is planning to wear the largest dress she’s ever worn.

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding is on TLC Thursdays at 9/8CT. And don’t forget to check out the spinoff series Gypsy Sisters.

Sondra Celli is a designer who works hard to create elaborate gowns and wildly frothy accessories. Her designs are wildly popular. Her dresses are so big, they have to be transported to weddings.

Other work

During her 35 year career as a fashion designer, Sondra Celli has been creating couture dresses. She is known for her unique and outrageous designs. Throughout the years, her work has been featured in the international press and Hollywood movies. She is also known for her custom-crystal couture, which is in high demand worldwide. She has been a featured designer on TLC’s Bling It On series and on the hit TV show My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. She also designs one of a kind accessories. Besides her clothing designs, she has also worked on custom uniforms for the New England Patriots Cheerleaders.

During her career, Sondra Celli has been working as a designer for some of the most popular fashion houses in the world. She has also apprenticed with several prestigious fashion houses in Asia and Europe. In 1984, she founded The Sondra Celli Company. She is now known for her extravagant and outrageous dresses, as well as her custom-crystal couture. Since then, her work has been featured in the New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Huffington Post and Harper’s Bazaar. She has also been a featured designer on TLC’s My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, as well as Gypsy Sisters and Bling It On.

Sondra Celli is a talented designer, and she is also a very humble individual. She believes that her work is a reflection of who she is as a person. She is also passionate about her work and her company. She and her staff are able to create extravagant dress creations in just a few hours. She also has a strong sense of style, and has been known to dress up her models in Cherokee-themed dresses or dresses made out of candy. She is also known for her innovative designs, such as dresses that incorporate flowers.