Should You Wash Your Underwear Separately?

You might not think about it when you toss your clothes in the washing machine, but should you wash your underwear separately? After all, it’s the most personal part of your wardrobe. Keeping your underwear clean is important because it’s in direct contact with your skin. So, it’s no wonder that it gets dirty pretty quickly — sweat, bacteria, and even feces can build up in the fabric. But how you wash your underwear will determine whether it stays fresh and comfortable to wear.

The majority of people tend to wash their underwear with other clothing like jeans and t-shirts. But if you do this, it’s a good idea to separate your underwear, and wash them either by hand or in a lingerie bag. That way, they won’t get snagged on other garments during the washing cycle. This can cause fabric friction, which in turn leads to fraying or tearing.

If you’re unsure what washing temperature your underwear should be washed at, refer to the garment care tag. There you’ll find detailed instructions on the water and drying temperatures. Generally speaking, most underwear can be washed with cold or warm water. However, if you have lace or silk underwear, it’s best to hand wash them instead of putting them in the washer. This prevents them from getting damaged by the heat of the machine.

You can also use a cold water cycle when you wash your underwear, and then tumble dry them on low heat to avoid any damage. This is especially important for delicate lingerie. It’s also worth remembering that you should never use bleach on your underwear, as it can erode the fibers and reduce the life of your underwear.

Another big reason to wash your underwear separately is that it helps keep bacteria and fungus at bay. Studies have shown that an average pair of underwear can contain up to 0.1 grams of feces, bacteria and other contaminants. This can be a major problem for your hygiene and could lead to urinary tract infections (UTIs). Washing your underwear alone will help ensure that it stays fresh and sanitary, and will prevent any cross-contamination with other clothes in the laundry.

Finally, by washing your underwear on its own, you’ll be able to wash it with the same detergent that you’re using for your other clothes. This will help your underwear stay smelling great, and it’ll also keep it soft and comfortable to wear.

When it comes to should you wash your underwear separately, the answer is really up to you. Some people feel that it’s better to wash their underwear separately than with other clothes, while others don’t see the point. It all depends on your preferences and how often you wear your underwear.

If you do choose to wash your underwear separately, make sure to follow the garment care label for all your other clothing. This will let you know what temperature the underwear should be washed at, and it’ll also tell you how to treat it for the best results.