Should I Wash My Jade Roller?

Jade rolling is the latest beauty trend that promises to ease away facial lines. These stones have long been known to depuff, boost circulation and support lymphatic drainage – the key components for healthy facial complexion.

Before beginning to roll, it’s essential that your stone remains sanitary. Here’s how.

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Jade rollers have gained widespread acclaim as a facial-sculpting device over the past several years, due to their purported face-sculpting benefits. This small stone tool, usually attached to a metal handle, rolls across skin like painter’s rollers do – offering more absorption of serums or facial oils into cells as well as helping depuff and brighten complexions.

Before using a jade roller, it’s recommended that you apply a light facial oil or serum to your skin before beginning rolling. Rolling with dry skin can pull and tug at it, compromising its effectiveness. Begin from your neck area, rolling up toward lymph nodes for drainage purposes before moving up the center of face (chin, nose, ears) before finally working your way to eyes and forehead areas – the goal being lifting and energizing facial muscles which can reduce dark circles under eyes as well as general puffiness.

After each use, it’s essential that the jade roller be thoroughly washed with warm water and a gentle cleanser to avoid irritating or spreading bacteria and dirt to your skin. Once cleaned, rinse it off thoroughly with clean water and dry with a cloth or towel before placing it back into its case or fridge to ensure cool temperatures that can help avoid cracks or chips in its surface.

Your stone can also be stored in a cabinet, wrapped in fabric or put in a bag and kept on your bathroom counter for easy access. However, it is advisable to clean it regularly as bacteria may collect on it and lead to infections.

Even though it might seem cumbersome to wash a jade roller, the process is actually relatively easy. Just be sure that it stays away from any hard surfaces, and avoid using it on damaged or inflamed skin. Rubbing alcohol is an inexpensive and quick way to kill bacteria that may accumulate after each use and keep your face fresh.


As is true for our brushes, but less so for jade rollers. While many of us know to regularly clean and disinfect these beauty tools, many may forget about disinfecting jade rollers as this simple beauty tool has proven its anti-ageing effects such as smoothing out wrinkles like Botox, reducing puffiness and increasing brightness to even reduce under-eye bags. Furthermore, jade rollers work as stress relievers which is helpful as chronic psychological stress has been shown to accelerate aging while increasing production of inflammatory hormones while inhibiting sleep resulting in dark under-eye circles, fine lines, and sagging.

Though some experts consider jade rollers not to be miracle cure-alls, most agree they can help improve overall skin tone and texture, smooth fine lines, depuff eyes, and help your skincare products to absorb more efficiently. The best jade rollers are composed of natural polished stone such as jadeite or nephrite (jadeite being more expensive). No matter which model you purchase it’s important that it be cleaned after every use and stored away in a cool, dry location after being stored safely when not being used!

Before using the roller, ensure your face is fully cleansed and applying serum. Next, roll the smaller stone end around your eye area slowly while not exerting pressure onto its delicate skin. Use the larger end on bridge of nose, cheeks, forehead or even five-10 upward strokes around neck according to Jaliman – she notes the cool temperature of jade can also help alleviate under-eye bags by draining excess fluid away.

Regarding when to clean your jade roller, there is no set rule, though daily usage should probably suffice – and some experts even recommend twice per day use! Care should be taken not to submerge it for too long in water as that can compromise crystal quality or rust the metal brackets holding its head – hence investing in one with thicker and smooth brass brackets that is easily removable for cleaning purposes.


An essential facial massage tool, the jade roller has quickly become an indispensable beauty staple. From morning skin waking-up sessions to lymphatic drainage at night and getting better restful slumber at night, its benefits can help your skin reap all their potential perks – de-puffing to stimulating blood circulation to increasing radiance and absorption of skincare products – as well as needing proper cleaning and storage practices like your makeup brushes do.

As with any stone tool, jade needs to be completely dry before being stored away for safekeeping. As jade is porous stone, regular sanitization of your tool is important in order to prevent bacteria build-up that could potentially lead to skin breakouts or other unpleasant results.

Before and after each use, but particularly after applying it on oily or sensitive skin, your jade roller should be thoroughly cleansed with warm water mixed with gentle soap or baby shampoo to remove dirt, oils or debris that has collected. In order to further ensure cleanliness for yourself and others, soak it for 30 minutes every week in boiling water to kill off any bacteria lurking within its material.

Store your jade roller in the refrigerator or freezer to intensify its cooling effects before you use it, not only making it feel extra-cool on your face but also helping reduce swelling and tighten pores. Just be careful not to keep it there too long as doing so could result in cracking.

Option Two: Chill Out Before Use desfasoara jade roller in the refrigerator overnight before using it the following morning. This will provide enough cooling sensation to soothe puffy eyes while helping constrict blood vessels and reduce redness on your face. While not essential every time, keeping jade rollers cool in the fridge before every use can give your skin that extra glow before heading out into the world!


Jade rollers are one of the newest trends in skincare (and they may just be one of the best tools). Specifically designed to de-puff, stimulate blood circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage and assist skin absorption of products, Jade rollers should be cleaned and disinfected after each use for best results.

Jade is a porous stone, so it needs to be periodically cleansed to prevent bacteria from infiltrating its pores and growing between the stones. Use any gentle cleanser available but avoid harsh soaps, alcohol-based cleaners and cleaners containing acetone as these may damage its surface. Rinse it under warm water then pat it dry before storing; sudden temperature changes may cause cracking of its surface.

Start off your roller experience right by cleansing and applying serum, before gently rolling upward against gravity in an upward motion – never apply too much pressure, which could cause irritation! For targeted massage sessions, the wider end of your roller works great as a general face massage; its smaller end can target specific areas like eye areas and bridge of nose bridge. Furthermore, its smaller end may even help with targeting specific parts of the neck such as rolling downward toward your clavicle bone.

If puffiness is an issue for you, the cool temperature of a roller may help alleviate it. Keep it in the fridge before using in the morning to ensure maximum coldness!

Try different stones to determine which are ideal for your skin type and goals; amethyst, rose quartz and obsidian are among the more popular choices. To get you started on your journey to optimal wellness, Herbivore has two different size rollers so that you can find out which are right for you; additionally it includes a travel pouch as well as an instruction booklet explaining each stone type’s use. Don’t forget to subscribe to Well+Good’s wellness newsletter for free workouts, discounts on popular beauty brands as well as exclusive Well+Good content!