Should I Get a Bigger Size Winter Jacket?

Winter coats are one of the most essential and costly items in our wardrobes, making ensuring we purchase one of the right sizes extremely important.

Are You Wondering Which Size Jacket You Should Purchase? – Here Are A Few Easy Tests That Will Show If Getting Bigger or Smaller is Best

The Hug Test

When purchasing a winter jacket for cold weather conditions, several measurements should be considered when purchasing one, such as your chest, waist and hip sizes as well as your sleeve length – ideally long enough to reach your armpits while stretching out fingers straight out comfortably – this ensures freedom of movement without impeding progress during activity. If this cannot be accomplished comfortably then chances are the jacket might be too tight around its sleeves which will restrict your movement and inhibit progress.

As well as making sure the sleeves are long enough, it is also important to make sure the jacket fits across your shoulders correctly. If the shoulder seams stretch down towards or even pass your elbows then this means the jacket is too large and won’t provide adequate protection from cold.

One simple test for this is the “hug test”. Simply wear your jacket and wrap it around yourself as though hugging yourself. If your arms cannot reach behind you or you feel restricted by its tightness, this jacket could be too tight in certain areas and become uncomfortable when worn over additional layers of clothing.

Finally, when selecting the collar and hood of a jacket you should ensure there is ample fabric stretch over your head without pinching at the back of your neck or being too tight at any one spot. This will enable you to fully experience its warmth and protection while making sure that it sits correctly on your shoulders.

Winter jackets should fit snugly around the chest and shoulders for optimal insulation, yet should still allow movement comfortably within. If it feels too snug in these areas, consider getting one size larger; this is particularly relevant when layering up in addition to other warm layers like sweaters.

The Zip Test

Winter jackets are essential protection from the cold, but for optimal protection they need to fit well and seal in warmth while giving room for layers and movement. If you’re unsure whether your coat fits, take these quick tests to assess if it does or not.

As your first step, zip the front of your jacket all the way up. If zipping it feels like tightening a corset, then it is too tight and will restrict how you layer sweaters beneath or extra layers. A jacket too small could even lead to back strain because hunching over will be required just to reach its buttons.

Try the sleeves test: If the cuffs of your sleeves hit the base of your hands then they are the right length; otherwise they could go past your wrists and cause cold air to seep in. Proper jacket cuff length will help prevent cold air from seeping in under your arms and chilling you out prematurely.

Check the length of your jacket by stretching out your arms in front of a mirror, looking in the mirror and checking how far the hem of it extends up past your waist – this indicates the perfect length, while any longer may indicate too short of an option.

If your jacket is too short, it will expose your tummy to the cold wind and leave you vulnerable against the elements. If this concerns you, Curated has Ski and Snowboard Experts available who can assist in finding you the perfect length!

Finding the ideal winter jacket can be tricky when shopping online, so using these simple tests to help make the process simpler and ensure that you end up with something warm enough to keep you cozy all season.

The Length Test

When selecting the appropriate winter jacket size, it is crucial that it fits over any layering you plan to wear; such as your sweater, fleece or vest. A coat that is too small will leave you exposed and cold; on the other hand, selecting too large of an option could require struggle to button it up properly and would ultimately become uncomfortable to wear – one size bigger usually works just as well and leaves room for all of your layering needs.

A good quality winter jacket should fit snugly around the chest, shoulders and hips without feeling tight or restrictive. It is better for it to be slightly too loose than too tight when layering layers underneath, such as sweaters. A quick way to determine whether or not a jacket is too tight is raising both arms above your head while wearing it – if its hem rides up over your stomach it could be too small!

Your jacket sleeves should cover your wrists when worn with gloves, so a simple test should reveal any insufficient coverage of this area. If this test reveals too short cuffs that expose wrists to the elements, this is a common issue and easily solved by purchasing longer sleeves that can be tailored to suit the perfect length for your jacket.

If you’re confused about which size winter jacket to buy, use these simple tests to help determine the ideal fit. By following these tips you can rest easy knowing your winter jacket will keep you warm and cozy day after day – regardless of what Mother Nature might bring!

The Arms Test

When shopping for a winter coat, it is crucial that it fits properly in all regards. Sleeves should reach your wrists while the back should ideally follow the curve of your spine with plenty of room underneath for layers like fleece or wool sweaters. Buttons should open smoothly without strain; any time that this process requires pulling or tugging at them indicates an incorrect size choice – an indicator that a larger jacket size might be needed.

One great way to test whether or not a jacket fits properly is to stretch forward with arms stretched forward. If the cuffs of your jacket are riding up your arm this could limit mobility and expose cold air into your body; additionally if shoulder seams pull away from you this could restrict movement as well.

Consideration must also be given to the length of your jacket. Women’s winter jackets tend to sit higher up on your waist than their male counterparts; otherwise you could find yourself exposed to cold temperatures and winds that can whip your locks into your face and leave you exposed.

When buying your jacket with layers underneath, it is advisable to select a larger size than you initially think necessary. This is because too-small fabric won’t trap enough heat from your body to keep you warm; conversely too-big will leave drafty gaps where cold winds can creep through and cool air can penetrate. With some quick tests you should find your ideal winter coat that keeps you cozy all season long!