Shirley Strawberry Net Worth

Throughout her lifetime, Shirley Strawberry has been involved in various careers. She has worked on various television programs and has also written several books. But she is best known for her radio career. She has been a radio host for many years. She currently works as a co-host on The Steve Harvey Morning show with Carla Ferrell and Junior Spates. The show airs four hours every week and has a team of commentators.

When she was young, Shirley had a dream of working in the radio industry. She imitated famous radio jockeys and aspired to one day have her own radio show. But, when she was still young, she lost her father. As a result, she faced financial difficulties. However, she always managed to find ways to make money. She worked as a magazine editor before she married Bob Berry. She earned a degree in English literature from Fordham University.

She started her career in the 1980s as a radio jockey in Chicago, Illinois. She then worked on Doug Banks’ show. She later moved to New York City to host her own show. The show gained national recognition and aired in over 60 markets. During this time, she met Ernesto Williams, who would later become her second husband.

When she was in high school, she introduced Ernesto to her daughter Sheridyn. After a few years, the couple began dating. They dated for two years. However, they had an argument over the rental of their apartment. They were accused of not paying rent. After a month, they were able to make up the rent. However, they were sued. When the controversy cooled, Shirley paid some of the rent. However, they still remained share tenants.

Shirley is also active on social networking sites. She has a Facebook page with almost 280K followers. She also has over 145,000 followers on Twitter. She has also sold a book. She has also participated in numerous TV shows and films. She has been involved in a number of Nickelodeon productions. She has also been involved in Uptown Entertainment productions.

She has four children, two daughters and two sons. She has one son with her first husband, who she divorced in 2012. She has one daughter with her second husband, who she married in 2015. Her daughter with her first husband is known as Sheridyn. She also has a granddaughter named Diamond Strawberry Jr. She is also the grandmother of Dimitri Strawberry and Darryl Strawberry Jr. She is also an investor.

Shirley has worked as an investor in many productions. She has also been involved in productions with Alan Haymon. She has been involved in many projects with Wolf Films and Uptown Entertainment. She has also worked with Cedric the Entertainer.

She has also been involved in a number of projects with Steve Harvey. She has performed on the Essence Music Festival. She has been awarded the Radio GRAcie Award. She has also won the 10th Annual Hoodie in Las Vegas.