Shin Amnesia Quotes

shin amnesia quotes

Shin is a man with a problem, amnesia. He was thinking about leaving, but the police took him in. He didn’t want to cause any trouble, but now he can’t get away. After he learns that his girlfriend has lost all her memories, Shin fears that she will also disappear.

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In Shin amnesia quotes by Orion, the main character is a high school student who has been suffering from amnesia. She is trying to forget a certain incident that happened to her and the person she was with at the time. However, Shin is not able to remember her past events, and she feels guilty about it. In addition, she doesn’t know why she is forgetting about it.

Orion is a caring person, but at the same time, he can be emotional and clumsy. He tries to help others, but is prone to accidents. In Shin amnesia quotes by Orion, he suggests to Heroine that she should tell Ikki about him. Moreover, he suggests that she tell Kent about her life, because he is very strange with his sense of logic. Heroine agrees to do so, and tells Kent about Orion. Afterward, Orion entrusts Kent to look after Heroine.


Shin amnesia is a Japanese manga series that explores the mysterious nature of memory loss, a phenomenon that is common among many people who suffer from it. In this manga, Kent plays the role of an experienced narrator who has undergone amnesia. He explains his condition to the reader, and his thoughts are often contradictory. In addition to the premise of amnesia, Kent also explores the concept of love and romantic feelings in the manga.

The main character Shin was unconscious when she fell from the cliff, and she claims that someone had saved her, but she can’t remember. Kent is skeptical, but he also argues that Shin was probably conscious when she fell. Shin also claims that she had provoked the murderer, but Kent finds this hard to believe given the injuries she suffered. Kent also points out that Toma and Sawa had plenty of time to carry out their crimes. This leads him to organize a search for other victims.


In Shin amnesia quotes by Ikky, the heroine admits that she’s been holding back her memories because she didn’t want to go to the hospital. But when she’s not able to remember anything, she’s so afraid of the truth that she hid it. In fact, she didn’t even tell her boyfriend, who was also a victim of amnesia. Shin apologizes to the heroine, and blames himself for everything. However, his coldness is meant to protect the heroine from a jealous fan club.

Shin is also afraid of Ikki, who he thinks is an attractive girl. Despite this, he still feels sorry for punching the girl, as he thought she was the victim of his eyes and power. Ikki is also very sorry for the damage to the wall, but thanks Waka for not being here to see him lose his temper. Moreover, Waka also approves of his handling of the situation, despite the fact that he broke the wall.


In the manga Shin Amnesia, Sawa and Toma are best friends. They were both hospitalized in Shinano for a week and then transferred to a local hospital a few days later. One day before she was to be released, Shin asked Sawa to help her remember what happened, but Sawa told her that it must have been a mistake.

After the accident, Shin is in a state of depression and remorse. His wife tries to persuade him to tell her about his problem, but he is reluctant to share his past and the truth. He is afraid that his wife might be in danger.


The plot of Shin amnesia is a psychological thriller with a lot of action. It takes place during a night where Shin is suffering from amnesia. The police take him in and try to question him, but Shin just doesn’t want to get into any trouble. Despite his fear of losing his memories, he still has a strong desire to reach his goals. In the meantime, he tries to get into a good college and open his own path in the future. He never told his mother about his dreams until now, but he is determined to achieve them. As he checks on his friends, he thinks about collecting his memories for his mother.

A few quotes are pertinent to the plot of Shin amnesia. For instance, in one scene, Shin asks the heroine if she wants to go out without prior notice. Later, he apologizes to his heroine and says that he’s gradually returning to his former self. Shin also tells the detective that he lied to the police about the incident. He claims to have been staying at a villa when his heroine collapsed, but in the end, Shin admits he didn’t hurt her and called the ambulance.