Shelley Malil Net Worth

Currently, Shelley Malil net worth is $1.5 million dollars. But this figure is not the whole picture. You need to consider her salary, age, cars, and personal life.


During his career, American actor Shelley Malil had a troubled life. He stabbed his girlfriend, Kendra Beebe, more than twenty times. She survived the attack, but she still sees scars.

Malil had a rough time finding work after the 2005 film. He tried to make it in the entertainment industry, but his money problems got in the way. He eventually settled for correspondence college credits and a small role on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

He also appeared in the 2001 Budweiser beer commercial. The commercial attracted attention from many viewers. It was spoofing the “Wassup” ads. Malil was eventually arrested.

Malil was initially sentenced to 12 years without parole. He served eight years before he was released. He will now be on supervised parole for five years. This has been upheld by the Board of Parole Commissioners.

Malil has been a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and participated in self-help classes. He admitted to attacking Beebe, but he believes his alcohol led to the attack. He says he was planning to “annihilate” Beebe.

The prosecutor said there was no proof that Malil’s ex-husband was involved in the attack. He said Malil’s contacts with Beebe’s ex-husband were unusual. He also said Malil’s relationship with Beebe was stormy.

Malil has been convicted of attempting to murder Beebe. His girlfriend survived the attack and suffered injuries to her chest and neck.

Kendra Beebe has a family. She is a mother of two young children. She has relocated out of state with her children. She hopes to have a conversation with Malil through a videoconference. But she fears Malil will follow her.

During his first parole hearing, Malil admitted he was angry and jealous of his girlfriend. He also said he drank alcohol before the attack. The doctor who evaluated him said he was unlikely to commit further violence.


Known for his roles on “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” “Scrubs” and “NYPD Blue,” American actor Shelley Malil has been behind bars since 2010. He was convicted of stabbing his former girlfriend, Kendra Beebe, 23 times with a kitchen knife in August 2008. Although Kendra Beebe was lucky enough to survive the attack, she still has to live with the consequences.

Malil was not exactly a household name when he was arrested in 2008. Malil was living in Los Angeles and had just relocated with a van and a budget of less than a thousand dollars. He was given the opportunity to star in a movie called “Bad News, Mr. Swanson” based on the popular novel by John Grisham.

Malil also received minor roles on several series including “The West Wing,” “Boys From Madrid,” “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” “Collateral Damage,” “Scrubs,” and “The Jamie Foxx Show.” He appeared in the movie “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” alongside Steve Carell.

Although Malil received a lengthy sentence, the rescission of his parole will be a mere two weeks away. Malil has been taking care of himself, avoiding trouble, and will be able to return to society as soon as January 2018.

A California parole board ruled that Malil is eligible for parole in January. The board of parole commissioners upheld a previous ruling, which found that Malil posed a low risk of violence. In addition to his parole, Malil will be supervised for five years. He will also have to pay back $16 million in restitution, and his legal case has taken a huge chunk out of his wealth.

The real name of the actor is Shelley Mathew Malil. He was born in Kerala, India, and emigrated to the United States with his parents when he was 10 years old. He went on to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York.


Besides his role on the hit television show, Shelley Malil has a slew of other accomplishments to his credit. In the’silk’ of his teen years, he performed in a stock company at the Granbury Opera House in Granbury, Texas. He also won a number of district competitions. In 2005, Malil was recognized as one of the top ten most overlooked performances in the movie business. In the real world, Malil has been a devoted father, husband, and benefactor. The best part about all of this is that he still gets to act in films, albeit in small roles. In addition to his acting responsibilities, Malil also runs an Instagram page.

While most people would be hard pressed to come up with a definitive list of Shelley Malil’s net worth, there is no denying that he is a bona fide Hollywood hotshot. Besides his roles on television, he has also had supporting roles in a number of films. His most memorable appearance to date was in the blockbuster The 40-Year-Old Virgin. He also starred in a number of small screen fare, most notably in the sexy-but-dull Dead Man on Campus. During his tenure, Malil has also made the acquaintance of several celebrity buddies, including fellow actors Jason Bateman and Bradley Cooper. His other notable achievements include performing in the ensemble of the musical show Hair and appearing in the short-lived CBS hit series, Deadly Games. As a bonus, Malil is a devout family man and proud papa to two sextuplets.

Besides his acting responsibilities, Malil has also been known to dabble in other activities, most notably owning and operating a slew of vehicles. As of the writing of this piece, he has a net worth of around $500,000, which is a pretty penny in this day and age.

Social media presence

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard of Shelley Malil. In his short career, he’s appeared in numerous films and TV shows. He’s also garnered a great deal of attention thanks to a Budweiser beer commercial that was screened during the Super Bowl halftime show in 2001.

As far as his social media presence goes, he’s a bit of a solitary figure. He interacts with a small group of chosen individuals. However, he’s not the type to post on Twitter. He’s not particularly active on Facebook, either. However, he does have a large collection of LinkedIn profiles.

At his first parole hearing, Malil admitted to taking alcohol. He also had a lengthy history of being contentious and has a reputation for causing a stir. Earlier this year, the parole board found Malil eligible for parole and decided to release him on supervised release for five years. However, that didn’t stop him from being convicted of attempted murder.

According to Malil’s lawyers, he was actually convicted of premeditated attempted murder. In fact, the jury was asked to choose between the more obscure and more practical. This is not surprising, considering the jury was asked to decide whether or not Malil had a true motive to kill Kendra Beebe.

The jury decided that Malil’s true motive was to “annihilate” Beebe, according to Deputy District Attorney Keith Watanabe. However, the jury was not told that Malil actually stabbed her 23 times.

According to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Malil is scheduled to be released in two weeks. However, he remains in custody on a $2 million bail.

Malil is believed to be responsible for stabbing his former girlfriend, Kendra Beebe, over 20 times. This isn’t the first time Malil has faced charges for attempted murder. He previously served eight years of a 12-year to life sentence in prison.

Personal life

During a visit to India, Shelley Malil saw Bob Hope on TV and was instantly inspired to pursue a career in acting. After graduating from high school, she went to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. She was then cast in the lead role in the FX comedy pilot Bad News Mr. Swanson (2001), appearing alongside Tracey Ullman.

Malil later landed a lead role in a Budweiser commercial spin-off, earning national attention for her role as “Chad.” In the commercial, Malil attempts to suffocate her lover with a pillow.

During his first parole hearing, Malil admitted that he was jealous of his girlfriend and that he was drunk at the time of the incident. But the panel decided that Malil was not a threat to public safety and his release was approved.

Malil served eight years of his sentence in Ironwood State Prison in southern California. In January, he was approved for parole, after serving a minimum of two years. He will spend the next five years under supervised release. After his release, Malil is expected to go to a halfway house. He has attended self-help courses in prison and participated in Alcoholics Anonymous. He recently joined the Big Brother Program.

Shelley Malil was born on December 23, 1964, in Kerala, India. She emigrated to the United States in 1974. She first began performing at high schools in Dallas. She later went on to win district-level competitions and was awarded accolades for her performances. During her tenure in Dallas, she performed in classic musicals. After graduating from high school, she was cast in a number of plays and television shows. She appeared in Seinfeld (1989), The Jamie Foxx Show (1996), NYPD Blue (1993), Party of Five (1994), and Scrubs (1995). She appeared in an Emmy-winning episode of ER (1994), “Love’s Labor Lost.”

She received a Best Featured Actor nomination at the Los Angeles Ovation Awards in 2008. She has a niece.