Selfish Family Quotes

selfish family quotes

Selfishness is a terrible sickness. It keeps a person from living the life they truly wish to live. Selfishness is living for your own self-interests instead of living in service of others. Selfish people do not love others the way their parents do. They do not even work for the well-being of themselves. Being a nobody to anyone is one of the worst things that can happen to you.

Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live

Selfishness is the act of denying one’s own wishes and instead expecting others to live the way you would. Oscar Wilde once said, “Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, but demanding that others live their own lives.” In other words, self-centered people aren’t living as they want to live.

Selfishness is miles away from true friends

Selfishness is the opposite of friendship. A selfish person is self-absorbed and only wants what is beneficial for them. Selfishness takes away from your time, attention, and self-worth. Therefore, you should avoid any friendship with a selfish person. If your friend is too self-centered to give you what you need, move on to new friends.

Selfish people are not willing to help others out of fear of being judged. These people don’t value constructive criticism, which can help them grow and improve. Instead, they fear the fact that people don’t have their faults and think that they can always get what they want.

Selfish family members can be abusive

Selfish family members can be very abusive. These people want attention from others and rarely admit to having faults. These people are often verbally abusive toward their children or spouses. They may also attempt to manipulate their children and enlist their help. These people are not a good example to follow.

Selfish parents are incapable of loving others

Selfish parents cannot love their children unconditionally. They see their children as extreme projections of their qualities, and so are unable to love them. This is a sad reality for children who have grown up with a selfish parent. These children often have poor self-esteem, and a self-esteem crisis can be a lifelong problem.

Such children fantasize about making their parents love them and will often blame themselves when they can’t. This self-blame can lead to a sense of self-loathing, which can last into adulthood. This is not the way to raise children who are emotionally dependent. Parents who truly love their children will not inflict such negative impact on their offspring.

Selfishness is a positive trait

Having a positive family history does not mean that you are automatically selfless. Selfishness can be beneficial in certain situations, but it can also be harmful in others. For example, when people grow up in a dysfunctional family, they may develop codependency and try to make everyone else happy at their expense.

Lack of selfishness may make people disagreeable, but it can also turn people into highly ineffective people. People who are too self-absorbed see relationships as obstacles. While healthy friendships are based on mutual respect and trust, self-absorbed individuals often view them as barriers.