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sebastian legacies quotes

The Sebastian wiki has been archived and combined with another Fandom network wiki. Users are encouraged to move there from here. The Sebastian wiki is now one place to look for all your Sebastian trivia. Sebastian’s family kept him in a dessicated coffin under the boarding school, but that didn’t keep him from being able to use his vampire-like telepathy and other powers. Lizzie is attracted to him, and he appears to be attracted to her.

Josie Saltzman

The Netflix Original series, Sebastian Legacies, features some of the most memorable characters from The Vampire Diaries. It follows the story of Hope Mikaelson, a descendant of one of the most powerful bloodlines. However, due to her age, she has yet to unlock her full potential. As such, she attends the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, a school for children who are gifted with supernatural abilities.

Hope Mikaelson is a human student who is best friends with Lizzie and Josie Salvatore Forbes. She has been in love with Josie since she was a little girl. When her parents told her that she would be moving to Europe, she couldn’t leave her best friend behind. However, she kept on texting her longtime friend. She eventually reconnected with Josie, and she is determined to get Hope back to her human side.

Landon Saltzman

In season two of Legacies, we saw the birth of Hope as a Tribrid. She was able to break the rule against witchcraft that has been a part of The Vampire Diaries series. But, what’s next? Is Landon’s death the end of the series?

While Sebastian has shown no regard for life, he does have some affection towards some people. One instance is when he reflects on his former lover Cassandra, who sacrificed herself for him and now remains a ghost in his mind. He becomes very emotional when thinking about her. In addition, he shows a deep affection for Lizzie Saltzman. But, he is aware of his toxicity. That is why he made Lizzie aware of it and tried to keep her safe.


MG is a caring, idealistic person who tries to live up to his friends’ expectations. He tries to do good by everyone and tries to be liked by everyone. He is a supportive and nonjudgmental friend, but eventually realizes that everyone makes mistakes.


In Legacies, Lizzie demonstrates the importance of having compassion for those around her. While she is a vamp, she’s not a traditional one. Her humanity shines through in her interactions with Hope. In this episode, Lizzie reminds Hope that hate and love are not mutually exclusive. Her dedication to Hope is a stark contrast to her other classmates’ failures.

Lizzie doesn’t want to lose her fiance, but she is worried about Sebastian and what he will do. He doesn’t want the relationship to end and doesn’t want to return to the modern world. His aim is to turn his fiance into a vampire.