Scott Tate – A Man of the People

Scott Tate was a man of the people in more ways than one. He was a jack of all trades who worked for a slew of reputable firms. One of the best parts of his career was being able to spend more time with his wife Tamara. Aside from being a wife and mother, he also enjoyed working for some of the biggest names in the business, from General Dynamics to Boeing and Airbus. In the ensuing years, he was able to travel the world, putting his mark on a number of destinations, from Abu Dhabi to Beijing.

During his heyday, he logged over a quarter million miles in the air. When he was not traveling, he swung by his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. There, he forged many of his best friends, including his wife, into a family of his own. Although they lived a largely nomadic life, he made it a point to reestablish himself in Rutherford County after his service. Throughout the years, he mastered his trade and rekindled his love of the great outdoors. The aforementioned sex of his aforementioned fling was accompanied by his other half in the form of two children and five grandchildren. Despite the fact that the dude was a bit of a diva, he was a nice person to boot. On the whole, he was an exemplary employee and a good family man.