Schmidt Safety Ceramic Roller 888 F Refill

If you are looking for a quality refill for your Schmidt Pen, then you can’t go past the Schmidt 888 F safety ceramic roller ball refill. This refill is a high-quality product that offers smooth, consistent performance. Schmidt pens feature a plastic body and a stainless steel tip to ensure the smoothest writing experience possible.

Schmidt 888 Safety Ceramic Roller ball refills are a great way to maintain your pen’s quality and to keep ink fresh. These refills are available in fine (0.6 mm), medium (0.7 mm), and broad (1.0 mm). They have a durable plastic body, a ceramic ball, and a steel conical tip. These refills offer a high-quality feel, and are also known for being affordable.

Schmidt Safety Ceramic Roller 888 F refills can be used in many different types of rollerball pens. They fit 98 percent of rollerball pens, as long as they are made from the same materials. The refills also feature a tampon system for added safety. They also feature a 0.6mm ceramic ball, which offers extended shelf life. They are particularly convenient for pens that do not have a cap sealing system. You can purchase these refills in black or blue.