Savage Homewrecker Quotes

savage homewrecker quotes

Some people believe that a home is built when two people’s hearts find each other and decide to become one. However, some people like to try to wedge their way in between a relationship. Other people say that a home is hard to build, but easy to wreck. Whatever the case, there are many people who have vowed to find their forever partner.


If your relationship has been ruined by a homewrecker, you are not alone. This short, sharp quotation is meant to shame your homewrecker and instill self-respect into their broken soul. It is meant to tell the homewrecker that they were wrong to have betrayed you, and that words are stronger than swords. When you choose your words carefully, you can heal a broken heart.

A homewrecker is not someone who likes anyone else, but he or she is willing to cheat on their spouses. Their motives are often selfish, as they only want to destroy their relationships. They are typically people who have no self-respect, low class, and no sense of dignity. They can be male or female, and usually cheat on married people or their first significant others.

Homewrecker quotes

These short quotations are meant to shame the homewrecker and to make him/her feel guilty for their deeds. They can also help the homewrecker learn some self-respect. The key is to choose the right words to speak to the homewrecker. After all, the pen is mightier than the sword and a wise choice of words can help heal a broken heart.

It is hard for a homewrecker to understand the situation that he or she is in. It is hard to find people who can relate to their experiences, but homewrecker quotes can help you get through it.


If you are a homewrecker, you probably feel like you’ve done something wrong. Usually, you don’t have anyone to turn to and get some comfort from homewrecker quotes. But there’s one thing you should know: karma can only stretch so far before it hits back. If you want to be a better person, stop messing up people’s relationships.

A relationship that allows a homewrecker into the home is a weak one and isn’t worth saving. When dealing with this situation, it can be helpful to remember the partner who allowed the homewrecker to ruin your life. These quotes may also help you to heal your heart.

Definition of a homewrecker

The term “Homewrecker” has a very specific definition. It describes someone who has a violent tendency towards destruction. Homewreckers often break up relationships and leave their homes in ruins. Often times they have children and joint property. But the term can also refer to someone who is savage in his or her pursuit of a business, career, or hobby.

A homewrecker has no respect for boundaries in relationships. They may try to persuade their partner to stay by buying them presents or paying for things they want. They may also try to take their partner’s children along with them.