Sam Chui Net Worth – An Aviation Enthusiast

Known for his video blogging, Sam Chui is an aviation vlogger who has flown over a thousand airplanes. He is also a photographer and has published several books on his aviation adventures. As an aviation enthusiast, he enjoys bush flying in Africa. He has a passion for the Boeing 747 and has traveled to over one hundred countries. His favorite airline is Singapore Airlines. He also owns his own website.

Sam Chui was born on November 7, 1980 in Beijing, China. His parents moved to Hong Kong when he was a kid. He studied at King’s College in Hong Kong and later went to University in Australia. After graduation, he worked in the world’s largest Sovereign Wealth Fund. He left this job and pursued his passion of travel. He has since moved to Abu Dhabi in 2011. Chui has traveled on more than 240 airlines and 180 aircraft types.

Sam has a YouTube channel with more than a million subscribers. His channel has over a hundred million views and has earned him a healthy revenue stream. He has also published several books and websites about aviation. His best known clients include CNN and Bloomberg. He has also invested in his own websites and airplanes. His website is a rich source of aviation related news and photos. He is also one of the most recognizable bloggers in the aviation industry.

Although he has only been blogging about aviation for a few years, Sam has become a well known aviation enthusiast and blogger. He has visited over one hundred countries and has flown on 240 airlines. His favorite airlines are Emirates and Singapore Airlines. He enjoys the fact that he can fly business class on ultra long haul trips. He has even been known to fly on private planes in the world. In fact, Sam has flown on every commercial variant of the Boeing 747.

As a blogger, Sam has been known to create several blogs on airplanes, airports and the aviation industry. He has also published several books, including Air747: Experiencing the Passion. His YouTube channel is one of the biggest in aviation vlogging and receives a healthy revenue stream. He also has an official website with links to his book sales. The best part about his website is that it is updated more frequently with flight data. Besides, it also has a fanciful-looking logo.

The best part of this guy’s career is his willingness to share his passion with others. Sam has created a few videos, but it is his willingness to help others that have made him a famous celebrity. For example, he helped to promote a charity auction of airplanes. The auction raised more than a million dollars for this charity. Other than that, he has not yet received an award for aviation vlogging. But it is not out of the question that he will receive some sort of recognition in the future.

In fact, he has a net worth of more than $8 million and is one of the most successful bloggers in the aviation industry. He has two children and is supposedly married to Amy.