Saints Row 2 Cheat Codes

In saints row 2, cheat codes are available to enhance your game experience. They include Time-changing cheats, unlimited ammo, vehicles, and sniper rifles. To activate a cheat code, you should first open the cheat menu in the in-game chat. There, you can enter the code that you want to use.

Time-changing cheats

Saints Row 2 is an action-packed game, released for Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2008. The game is a sequel to Saints Row and picks up straight from where Saints Row 1 left off. You play as a character who has been sleeping for a long time and awakens. Using cheat codes in Saints Row 2 is a fun way to speed up the game and make it easier to finish the game in a short amount of time.

If you want to get ahead in Saints Row 2, you can enter cheat codes in order to enable God Mode. Once entered, this cheat will remain active during gameplay for 10 to 20 minutes. This will unlock Level 50 in the game and let you instantly earn five million dollars. This way, you’ll be able to buy anything and everything you want. However, be aware that the cheat is temporary and you can still die if you crash or get hit by another vehicle.

Saints Row 2 is a popular action-adventure game developed by Volition and published by THQ. The story continues five years after the events of Saints Row. After awakening from a coma, the player character must fight to reclaim the three-street Saints’ territories from newly formed criminal syndicates and a corrupt corporation.

Time-changing cheat codes for saints row two work in the third remastered version of the game. You can enter these codes by using your cell phone, navigating to the cheats menu with the Tab key on your keyboard, or the Back button on your Xbox controller. Once the cheats menu is open, enter a cheat code and click Accept.

You can also use these cheat codes to unlock special cars and complete missions in Saints Row 2. If you want to unlock the St. James’s Chapel and St. Patrick’s Day statues, you can use the St. James’s Day mission. Once you’ve completed all of these missions, you’ll be able to unlock a remastered St. Row statue, which can help you get the golden star in the St. Row 2 game.

Infinite ammo

If you’re looking for a cheat code to add infinite ammo to Saints Row 2, there are several methods that you can use. The first is the General’s Bulldog, which gives you infinite chaingun ammo. In order to unlock this cheat, you need to complete the mission Sons of Samedi, and the Ultor epilogue mission 2. Once you’ve obtained this cheat, you can use it to get unlimited ammo for any weapon. Alternatively, you can use the unlimited clip cheat for your weapons, and Infinite Ammo to get unlimited ammo for all weapons.

Saints Row 2 cheat codes are simple and easy to use. These cheats allow you to spawn vehicles and weapons, change the weather, or control the gravity in a level. You can activate these codes in the cheats menu. These cheats are available for all versions of Saints Row. The easiest way to use cheat codes is by entering them in your in-game cell phone.

Saints Row 2 cheats are also available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. They are activated through the in-game Cellphone and disable Autosave. They also disable Achievements, so you must be careful when activating them. Also, be careful when playing Co-op with someone who activates cheats. If you play Co-op with someone who activates cheats, both save files will be flagged as cheating. If you’re playing with someone who activates cheats, you’ll see an orange star next to it. You’ll also notice that the Statistics freeze up when you activate them.

Saints Row 2 cheat codes allow you to unlock certain powers and items in the game. The most commonly used cheat code is ‘infinite’ ammo’, and it can be entered into the pause menu or the phone ring. This cheat will allow you to get infinite amounts of ammo and a higher score without having to play the game again.

Activating Saints Row 2 cheats will disable autosave, freeze your statistics, and disable Achievements and Trophies. You can also change your body type while using the cheats, and even turn into a giant or tiny person. There are even cheat codes that make you invincible. Just remember to always save a clean save file before trying them!

Infinite ammo for vehicles

Infinite ammo for vehicles is one of Saints Row 2 cheat codes that can be used to gain advantage over your rivals. This cheat allows you to buy unlimited ammo for all weapons and vehicles, and will increase your Gang Notoriety and growth. You can also repair any damage your vehicles have sustained. This cheat also increases the explosion size and crush force of cars. In addition, you will be able to drive faster and more aggressively.

There are also cheat codes available for the Xbox 360 version. Some of these codes will let you spawn vehicles and weapons that you haven’t found yet. Others will give you access to the weather and gravity of the levels. Cheat codes are easy to use and can be activated by entering the appropriate codes into the game’s cheats menu.

Aside from vehicles, cheat codes can also allow you to buy unlimited ammunition for special weapons. The Sniper Rifle is a highly accurate weapon that can hit multiple targets. You can use it to kill two enemies at once if you’re near each other. Aside from this, the General’s Bulldog has infinite chaingun ammo. For the other vehicles, you’ll need to complete the corresponding missions in the Ultor epilogue. After using these cheat codes, make sure to disable them. The game may not allow you to save your progress if you leave them active.

Infinite ammo for vehicles is one of the most commonly used cheats in Saints Row 2. You can use it to unlock vehicles with unlimited ammo. It’s also possible to make yourself a little bit larger and gigantic with these cheat codes. These cheats are also useful for transforming yourself into other forms. You can become a giant or a small person and even be invincible.

These cheats can also make the Stilwater even wilder and funnier. With the unlimited ammo and vehicle caches, you can make your journeys even more exciting. Some of the best cheats will turn you into a giant, make you run forever, and make you invincible. The Saints Row series has tried to adopt a more comedic tone in the games, and these cheats can make your adventures even funnier!

Infinite ammo for sniper rifle

The Infinite Ammo for Sniper Rifle cheat in Saints Row 2 works by giving the player infinite ammo for all his weapons. In order to unlock this cheat, you must complete the corresponding requirements in the game. For example, if you want unlimited rockets in Corporate Welfare, you must beat the Ultor Family Fun Day mission. Alternatively, you can get unlimited rockets if you complete the fourth island.

To activate this cheat, you must enter a few numbers into your cellphone. You can then choose the cheat you want to activate. When you activate the cheat, you will disable autosave, Achievements, Trophies, and freeze your statistics. If you accidentally activate the cheat, you must save your game manually. Note that any save file you make while using the cheats will be marked with an orange star. Thus, it is always important to make a clean save file before trying the cheat.

Activating Saints Row 2 cheats is simple. You can activate them by utilizing your in-game Cellphone. You must be sure you are logged in to your account before using the cheat, or else the game will detect it as cheating. If you are playing in co-op with someone who has activated a cheat, you will both be flagged as cheaters.

One of the most accurate weapons in Saints Row 2 is the Sniper Rifle. It can be used to pick off enemies from afar, and its upgrades are quite nice. Also, it comes with a signature ability that allows you to do more damage to dynamic objects and vehicles.

The Saints Row 2 cheat codes let you unlock a whole suite of weapons and vehicles, add extra health and cash, and increase your damage and explosions. The cheats are also very funny, as you can use them to make a completely crazy set up.

To activate this cheat, you should be logged in to the Saints Row game and enable cheat codes. Once you have done this, you will have unlimited ammo for the sniper rifle. In addition, you can spawn vehicles and weapons at will. You can also control the weather and gravity through your cell phone. The cheat codes work for any version of the Saints Row game.