Royal Canin Cat Food Renal Support D

Royal Canin cat food renal support d helps to improve your cat’s health and well-being. Its special formulation is intended to stimulate appetite and manage kidney disease in adult cats. It features a variety of delicious aromas, flavours, and textures. It also has a high energy density, which minimizes potential weight loss during reduced consumption.

Renal support cat food is ideal for cats with chronic kidney disease. The food is formulated with specialized proteins that help to support the kidneys and reduce the risk of kidney failure. It also contains a low amount of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D. Although the food is a bit more expensive, your cat will likely benefit from it.

Kidney health issues in cats can be scary and challenging. As a result, your cat’s diet needs to be tailored to the type of kidney disease she has. Fortunately, Royal Canin has created a new veterinary-exclusive wet cat food for cats with kidney disease. It is highly palatable, contains fatty acids from fish oil, and has targeted protein levels for optimal kidney health.

The food is energy-dense and low in phosphorus. This means it can be fed to your cat in smaller portions, while providing the nutritional support it needs. It has been developed with veterinarians and nutritionists since 1968, and the company is committed to improving the health of pets.

The best food for cats with kidney disease reduces the workload on the kidneys, moderates protein, carbohydrate, and phosphorus levels. Phosphorus is a by-product of poor kidney function, and excessive intake of this substance leads to a build-up of harmful acids. In addition, high-sodium food is not recommended for cats with kidney disease.