Rowan and Aelin Quotes

rowan and aelin quotes

Rowan and Aelin have an incredible bond. Rowan’s voice was like the voice of a queen. When Rowan first yanked the blood oath, he didn’t even glance at the other males around his queen. As he stared at Aelin, he was reminded that these men were his friends. Aelin looked back at Rowan, holding her own against the rage in his eyes.

Aelin was the Queen of the Fae and was ancient and powerful. She had a secret agenda and was wary of the Sun Goddess. Her fling on Rowan had the ability to make him feel savagely in love. The two were destined to rebuild the world together.

In the series, Rowan and Aelin face several difficult situations and show incredible strength of character. The children look up to them as they respect and admire them. They respect their strength, kindness, and courage, and see them as role models. In fact, they view Rowan as one of their trusted advisers.

Rowan had the ability to understand Aelin’s feelings. The magic she used had the power to strike with lethal wrath. During this time, Rowan had a dagger secretly polished. The blade of her sword was sharp. Her dagger was lethal, but it was sharp.

Aelin was aware that she was her mate, but she did not push Aelin into accepting his mate status. She did not want to make Aelin suffer. And Aelin was aware of her interest in him, but she didn’t push him to do so.